We are Pretty Great Mommies! 

Happy Mother’s Day to my Diamond mamas!!
Just wanted to share this quote that really resonated with me from a mama whom I recently discovered and quite honestly, can’t get enough of- Rachel Hollis!! 
Nice reminder, right?!?
This is something I have to keep in the back of my mind. I do not consider myself “perfect” by any means, but accepting the fact I can lose my iiiish here and there and not feel defeated is OK.
I’m a pretty great mom and so are you!! 
Being a mama doesn’t come with a manual and this journey isn’t a walk in the park…
At times, it may feel more like Jurassic Park.. but given the title of “Mommy” is something…
something special… that fills my heart…
“Mommy, I spilled my drink a little bit..”  I mean, how can you love someone so much after cleaning up their spilled orange juice all over the kitchen table, chairs, and walls hours after it was JUST cleaned?!   #thankyouB
It’s a mamas love!
Now go ahead and enjoy your brunch, mimosa, or possibly some peace and quiet and remember, we are pretty great mommies! Go sparkle!

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