Hi there mama!

I’m Heather Nikola, blessed yet crazed working mama of three with “The Hubs” by my side.  My guilty pleasure is tortilla chips and salsa, our family loves Disney, we “glamp” (camping but fancier), and I adore anything/everything Kate Spade (#godrestherbeautifulsoul).

I joined Mamahood in 2012 and through my journey, I’ve learned that although being called “Mama” is one of the greatest titles you can ever receive, it.is.hard.

We experience some pretty amazing moments like the firsts walks, “I love you”, and being the mama papazarri and then…. we have some pretty ugly, not proud, ”OMG did I just say that?” moments #guilty

Mamas,  I want to ensure you, you are not alone in this roller coaster ride!  I feel you!

I feel you when you sit in the car (after picking-up the kiddies) and just BREATHE before unloading the babies and their 100 bags, and then beg for snacks all while you’re trying to get dinner on the table. #everysingleday

I feel you when you are running your kiddies to soccer, gymnastics, or karate with a huge coffee stain on your shirt #guiltyagain

I feel when you’ve just about lost your ishhh and phone a fellow mama, and question whether or not your child will sell on eBay. #justkidding

If you don’t happen to have someone in your life that you can confide in and say, “I feel you… I get it,” Mama, I gotchu

Us mamas stick together and support one another, especially when it comes to figuring out this whole mama thang!

Born to Wear Diamonds started in 2013 thanks to my first born, Sophia Renee.  I envisioned it as a creative and fun outlet to share my “What We Wore Wednesdays” mama fashion posts,  DIY projects, recipes, and occasional mama stories.

What I didn’t know is how much it would grow into a place where I share my journey through mamahood and hear  “Heather, you’re not alone… Why don’t you try this? Heather, thank you so much for sharing…”

Then it hit me… Like, “POW” (as Brayden would say #oldschoolobatman)… These mamas, the diamond tribe, are supporting me all while I’m doing the same for them. #itsperfect #iloveit

Here, you will find stories of our day to day life, gluten free recipes/finds, beauty/fashion tidbits and more!

Being a mama is by far the most challenging yet rewarding experience and because of this, I want to offer encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, and maybe a giggle or two to celebrate this blessing called, Mamahood.

I invite you to join along in my roller coaster ride! At times, us mamas may be on-board the Hot Mess Express, but then there are always days where we just sparkle.