{Youtube Video} How to Pack your Camper/RV

Throughout the years we’ve been camping/glamping/RVing, I’ve gotten several requests to share my tips/tricks and “what it actually looks like” to prepare for a trip in Large Marge, our Grand Designs Solitude fifth-wheel.

Well, after editing for hours and cutting down over 70 videos, I can finally give you a behind the scenes look at what I do to prepare for a trip.  This footage was taken at the end of August for our venture to Lake George RV Park, in Lake George, NY. 

This vlog offers tips on how to pack your kiddies’ clothes, storage and organizational ideas for clothes, food/pantry, beauty products, and more.

Check it out and leave me a comment over on Youtube.  Plus you can view the Nikola Kiddies virtual learning workspace video, too! 

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