I Opened A Fashion & Beauty Boutique!

The creation of the Born to Wear Diamonds Collection ranks as one of the most memorable and fulfilling experiences of my entire life.  It was literally a dream to create a clothing and accessory line with the goal to provide women with versatile, trendy, and classy pieces to make them feel all the amazing feels and to sparkle from the inside out. 

It absolutely filled me up with so much joy curating the collection, offering styling tips, tricks, and making women feel oh so pretty (my absolute favorite outfit)! I was even at the point of looking into creating my own online boutique…from scratch.

After doing hours of research, talking to multiple online boutique owners, I decided it wasn’t in the cards for me.. 


The investment.

The expense of becoming an actual LLC, applying for a buying license, upfront investment in clothing, opening a Shopify account, and shipping costs- I just couldn’t justify it as it being a side hustle. 

I will admit, I was crushed because again, the whole experience truly brought me so much sparkle, but the stars just weren’t aligning.

I never gave up on this dream and knew one day the universe would bless me with an opportunity…

Mamas, that opportunity has happened and I am so over the moon excited to offer you what I feel is the perfect fit for a mama who loves all the things fashion, accessories, and clean skincare and makeup!!  

Check out my new online shopping experience by clicking here! 

  • Trendy yet classic apparel 
  • Stunning and personalized jewelry 
  • Bags, sunglasses, hats 
  • Clean skincare + makeup

YES, YES, and YES! 

What the heck is there not to love?!

I can’t wait to host style sessions and feature collections, just as I did just nine months ago! #soexcited. (Be sure to follow along on my social platforms!)

Just as I never gave up on this vision…this dream… you too can also open your own online shop in minutes for just $199 (rather than 1,000’s of dollars).. Plus you’ll have the option of earning that $199 back and shop at a ridiculous discount (like 50-75% off) AND earn product credits #winwinwin

I would love to offer you this same opportunity!  

Open your shop in minutes and have my support along with someone who sold her actual brick and mortar business to open her own online shop! 

To learn more click here and contact me!! 

I think it’s time to spread some serious sparkle! 

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