She’ll Never Know…

Isn’t it funny how you can just look at one of your babies and be in complete awe? She will never know how much she truly inspires me.

Sophia recently had some GI issues and a mild cross contamination of gluten incident. She did get sick, but did not revert to having full blown anxiety as she did close to 9 months ago.

It was the first time we heard, “I wish I was like Brayden and Jameson and not have celiac disease!” But we keep reminding her that she’s special and she’s been given “This” for a reason.

I told her without her having This we wouldn’t be able to share the importance of a gluten free lifestyle…how This is not a “fad” diet. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that requires a gluten free diet for the rest of her life in order to thrive and be healthy.

I told her This has brought others (and us) comfort as they are not alone in this new way of life, whether it’s a recent diagnosis or even ask questions about cooking gluten free.

This has shaped her into a strong, knowledgeable, empathetic, and outgoing little girl who has no problem asking to speak to the chef at Disney World to make sure her food is prepared properly. This has given her a voice to advocate for herself and others in her class who have other dietary restrictions.

Although This will continue to have its moments for all of us, I know Sophia’s sparkle will shine even brighter, and will be the light others may need.

Thank you for being my light, baby❤️

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