Thinking of Starting a Side Hustle?

For all my mamas considering getting involved in a side hustle- this is for you! I started back in 2009 and I never realized how much it had an impact on my life and others. 

-Premier Designs 
And now EVER.

These are all network marketing companies that I’ve been involved in for the last 10 years and I can say without a doubt, these companies have changed my life and have inspired me to do all the things I’m doing now. #truth

Premier fostered my love for all things fashion and sparkle. Not to mention, I developed such amazing and cherished friendships from being an accessory specialist.

Beachbody introduced me to healthy living as well as being more knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. In fact, when Sophia was diagnosed with celiac disease, I felt that what I learned being a Beachbody coach lessened the stress of cooking gluten free meals for Sophia and the Nikola Clan.

Younique allowed me to “feel pretty” which was what I needed to get me out of some slight postpartum depression and the summer slump that I tend to go through each year. 

And now I am a Senior Specialist at EVER.

What attracted me most to EVER was the fact that its skincare and makeup line is composed of safe ingredients that are clinically tested and of course, gluten free! I’m at the season in my life where I want to take care of my skin and keep it looking as radiant, and not to mention, as young as possible. #justsayin

What I’ve come to realize after these 10 years being part of MLM’s is that they helped me get through certain seasons of my life whether it was financially, emotionally, or physically. Of course I had some people rolling their eyes, saying “What is she getting into now?” but without delving into these, I wouldn’t be the person I am today- A mama with a dream to share all the things to bring out the sparkle in others. #mission

So for anyone questioning if they should get involved in a network marketing company, whatever the excuse may be:

“I can’t sell” – it’s not selling, it’s sharing what makes your heart smile and bringing joy to others!

“What will others think?!” – Umm.. who cares!? You, Do You!

”I’m scared!” -Mama, no one ever grew from their comfort zone?

Just go for it!! You have no idea the impact YOU can have on others. 

The benefits outweigh the “What if’s” and if you’re working toward a dream, I believe in you!  Heck I’ll share mine- Born to Wear Diamonds, Heather Nikola will be a lifestyle brand where mamas feel their best-self and sparkle from the inside out.

If your partner doesn’t believe in you, I will!

If you need some tips- I’ll share!! 

Mama, you were born to Sparkle and if you’re questioning when – it’s time to shine!

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