It’s All the Things this Week

Holy Moly mama! I feel like so much has happened in the past 8 days that I don’t even know where to start.

First, I now have a FIVE year old son!

  On April 28, 2014, Brayden introduced me to all things boy and turned into me into a Monster Truck lovin, Superhero knowing, train/race car/ tractor/baseball mom and I am forever grateful to learn every detail about an excavator and even have the occasional trip #ouch on them as they are lined up on the kitchen floor.   Brayden has taught me that boys are way more different than girls, that there is a person who can be just as loud as The Hubs, the that love a mama has for her son.  Brayden is my sensitive, kind, lively yet cautious boy and my gosh, he is so loved. 

Second, our household is recovering from the god awful stomach bug.  We are on high alert and using a handful of remedies I mentioned in a previous post here. 

Third, I joined Weight Watchers. More on that later.

Lastly, I took a leap of faith and launched the Born to Wear Diamonds Collection, a curated clothing and accessory collection (you can read all about it here) and four pieces are completely SOLD OUT with just a few more items available.  Ahh!!  I’m still trying to find words that can really relay my gratitude/surprise/excitement and about another 100 feels! 

Speaking of the collection, I will be hosting a Live video on Sunday night 5/5 @ 9 pm, showcasing some of the looks featured in the collection, styling tips, and a giveaway!  Mark it in your calendars and RSVP here and I’ll see you Sunday! 

Now onto this weeks Sparkling pics!!


I may be a bit biased here but, the Oh, So Darling from my collection is going to be my outfit on-repeat this Spring and Summer!  First off, let’s talk about its versatility- this can be your next outfit for date night, a bridal or baby shower, graduation party, vacation, heck going to the grocery store.. You can wear it anywhere!  That’s the beauty of this look, you can dress it up (pearls make everything more dressy) or have a more casual feel!  The top can also be paired with white or black capris for a more formal or 9-5 look.  Whatever the occasion, its feminine feels will make you feel oh, so darling!!

To get the Oh, So Darling look, go to


I will admit, I weigh myself just about  Yes, I know it’s not the best thing to do.  Yes, I know it’s not all about numbers.  But, sometimes a mama just needs an intervention to trigger that mindset shift to say, “DON’T EAT THAT BOWL (scratch that, BOWLS) OF CEREAL, HEATHER!” So, I decided to join Weight Watchers online (I’ve done it six years ago to get rid of my preggo weight from Sophia) to force me to pay better attention to the foods I’m eating, hold me accountable (since I am investing in it for at least 3 months), and get control of my stress eating.  Since joining, I’ve lost 5lbs and my clothes feel much more comfortable than they did just a few weeks ago.  I shared my recent venture in WW in my IG/FB stories and some of you amazing mamas shared your favorite foods, recipes, and encouragement!  Thank you so much- it is so greatly appreciated!  I would like to do the same!  If you have any questions or are curious about joining, feel free to reach out!  If you chose to follow the program, click here to get 1 free month! #holler


I came across Redken’s Volume lifting shampoo and conditioner about a year ago by accident and let’s just say I haven’t stopped using it.  HOWEVER, I have a trick!  I did notice that my hair seemed to be a bit more dry and brittle after using BOTH the S+C.  So, I alternate between a different shampoo then use the Volume lifting conditioner OR different conditioner and Volume lifting shampoo.  This has made a ton of difference!!  


Every Nikola baby had a bubble mower around Jameson’s age.  Bubbles and toddlers go together like pearls and diamonds, and trucks and cars.. right? 😉


Feelin’ like a hot mess?  Ummm… I think we all do at one point or another!  I mean, you guys know I have my moments which are totally NORMAL!  If you’re thinking maybe it’s just you or currently having a hot mess express moment, listen to this podcast!  I love the More Than Mommy podcast!  The host, Julie, is freakin’ amazing! She is a life and business coach specializing in helping mamas remember who they were before becoming a mommy!  She is wonderful and I’ll speak a little more about her next week!  But in the meantime, listen to this episode- you’ll thank me later! 

I am so appreciative of your support and love sharing tips, products, and pretty words with all of you. 

Don’t forget to join me on Sunday night for styling tips and a sparkling giveaway! RSVP here! 

I hope you have a great week! 

Shine on Mama <3,

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