When sickness hits our Home

I hope your week is full of sparkle and NOT germs!

Ughh.. Germs!  Tis’ the season for sniffles, boogers (ew, I know), coughs, flu, stomach bug, and chicken soup!!

The Nikola Clan was hit with a cold last week and luckily, it didn’t manifest into anything else that is currently going around (flu and stomach bug). #keepingfingerscrossed

With that said, I felt the need to share what we do to help prevent and battle sickness when it hits!  *I am not a doctor, I am not advising you to do this, just sharing what we do*
As always, I linked everything to Amazon to make your life 100% easier!

For the Whole Family

Not by any means am I an essential oils expert but I am a huge fan of diffusing oils when sickness hits. As soon as someone starts coughing, Doterra's "On Guard" and Breathe are in my diffuser. When diffused, On Guard helps protects against environments threats, so I diffuse it to help cleanse the air (smells wonderful too). Breathe gives off a fresh and clean aroma. I feel like it's comparable to putting vapor rub on your chest, but it's in the air! It's great to diffuse at night.

Aquaphor is my lifesaver when my nose and lips are chapped as a result of blowing my nose and lack of water consumption. Put it on at night and by morning, my nose isn't Rudolph status anymore! Plus, I use this on dry spots on any of the kiddies! The tube is best- helps keep away bacteria compared to sticking your fingers into a tub.

The Littles

Zarbees Soothing Chest Rub with Eucalyptus, Lavender & Beeswax is a must on Jameson's feet, chest, and neck. It's gentle enough so babies as little as 2 months old can benefit from its relief.

Without a doubt, this is the most disgusting concept to process. Yes, you are literally sucking the boogers out of your child's nose. Yes, this is probably the grossest thing I've ever done with Jameson (it wasn't out for Sophia or Brayden) but this thing is MAGICAL! If you don't have one for your baby, GET ONE! Throw that round bulb sucker out (btw, it holds mold), and invest in a NoseFrida! I promise you won't get boogers in your mouth (it has a filter) and you and your child will get much relief because it works!! *If this totally freaks you out, I've learned putting the kiddies in a nice warm shower first thing in the morning helps loosen the gunk in their nose. Then you can get it out however you like (pinching it out works well here.. yes, another ew..but hey, it works!)

Zarbees does it again for cough syrup, ages 2+. The kiddies don't mind the taste (thank goodness) and what is always a relief- it's gluten free and free of drugs, alcohol, dyes, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors. The nighttime bottle contains melatonin to help the kiddies get some rest.


I said it in last week's newsletter, and I'll say it again, we believe in the power of elderberry! I took these last week while battling my cold and I do feel it helped fight-off what could have been a really nasty sickness.

On top of taking elderberry, I drank a variety of teas to help flush-out my system. This tension tamer has been my go-to recently!

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