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Hey Mama!!!

I am so excited to share the first official “What’s Sparkling” post with all of you!  The goal of this series of posts (hoping 1-2 per month) is to provide you with some of the latest finds that have enhanced or brought sparkle to my or The Nikola Clan’s life!

To make your lives easier, if you want to purchase, or learn more about these items, I linked them to Amazon for you #yayprime 


Jade Roller!!

I’ve been researching a jade roller for some time now and I finally invested in one after I woke up and saw my puffy/bags under my eyes and said “YUP!  I need to Amazon prime this thing, STAT! ” I am so glad I did because using this roller on my face in the morning and at night is so satisfying.  The cool stone feels absolutely amazing on your skin in the morning and you can seriously feel the difference after using it.  Some of the benefits of using a jade roller are: depuffs skin (hollar), boosts collagen, reduces inflammation, soothes skin, drains lymph noes, relieves sinus pressure (totally can feel it too), stimulate blood flow and circulation, and so much more! 


Handheld Clothing Steamer

Flashback to Sophia’s snowflake ball (father/daughter dance) and realizing her dress (from Amazon here) needed to be pressed, I happened to ask my cousin if she had a steamer. Of course, she had one. (She’s like Mary Poppins!)  Upon giving it to me she said,  “I never used it. Let me know how it works.”  Well, Sher (and everyone else ever questioning whether or not to invest in a steamer), it is freakin’ magical!!  Within 5 minutes, the dress was wrinkle free.  I recently used it two days ago on a shirt I planned to wear and seriously within two minutes, all the wrinkles were gone! Magic, I swear!!


Beats Wireless Headphones

Now if you follow me over on IG, you know  I wasn’t a fan of these at first… But now that I FINALLY figured out how to put them on, and started using them more often, they are Heather approved!!  What I really like best about these is that they are wireless; therefore, I can listen to a podcast, workout, or jam to Backstreet Boys’ latest album while making dinner, or they even work great when you are video conferencing with others.  Bottom line, they don’t need to be connected physically to your phone with a cord- it’s all Bluetooth!  That alone mamas is a beautiful thing!  


“Like she Owns the Place” by Cara Alwill Leyba

Speaking of podcasts,  I am currently reading this book by one of my favorite authors, podcasters, blogger and just freaking amazing woman, Cara Alwill Leyba.  Cara has written numerous books and I have ALL of them!  She speaks my language and so far, she’s speaking very clear in her latest book, “Like you Own the Place”.  She writes to inspire and remind you to never give up on your dreams!


Immunity building for the kiddies

Finally, to help the older Nikola Clan kiddies stay healthy, they’ve been taking these vitamins and are loving them!   What I feel is the secret ingredient? “Elderberry”!   I believe in the power of elderberry because it has even helped me kick whatever my body was fighting.   Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have Olly in stock, but the kiddies have also had Zarbees in the past and like them just as much.  Both of these are “Sophia approved”, meaning they are gluten-free!

What are some of your sparkling finds? 

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