All Natural, Safe, & Gluten Free Children’s Makeup!

You are at the most magical place on earth (why, Disney World/Land/Cruise of course) with your daughter who is obsessed with princesses #likeobsesed.  She has the opportunity to be made into one by her very own fairy god mother at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and is getting all decked-out to look like one of her favorites, Princess Jasmine!
Her Jasmine costume is on, nails are polished with straight sparkles, and her hair is styled with some fancy extensions #jealous.  Now it’s time for makeup.
Her eyeshadow is applied and her blushed cheeks are all rosey!
You’re taking 100 pictures, because I mean, this is a big.freakin’.deal, and you can feel your heart melt as she is smiling from ear to ear.  Not to mention your face hurts from the non-stop smiling.
And then it’s time to put on the lipgloss.
“OMG, WAIT!!  Is it gluten free?”
I basically leaped over to the amazing fairy god mother and kindly asked to see the makeup pallet before she applied anything to Sophia’s lips.
As I skimmed through the ingredients in the lipgloss…
“Is there gluten in this lipgloss?” I’m asking myself over and over again…”gluten, wheat, barley, rye”  There are so many ingredients that I can’t pronounce… Oh my god… heart is racing… I hope there is none in it.
“OK you can put it on her.”
For the next two hours, I asked my princess how she is feeling, hoping and praying she does not have a “glutened” episode.
Luckily she did not (thank you sweet baby Jesus) but this has to be one of the most nerve-racking experiences that I wasn’t prepared for.
Disney is known for its over-the-top accommodations to those with special dietary needs when it comes to food and service; however, when you are at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique being made into a princess, these accommodations are not addressed as of yet. 
This experience prompted me to search for all-natural kids play makeup for my girl, as well as any others who want be like their mamas and experience this right-of-passage.
After days of searching the internet, I finally discovered Klee Naturals, Klee Kids Play Makeup!
Klee Naturals is gentle, non-toxic, and free from talc, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, dye, harsh chemicals, is hypoallergenic, never tested on animals and of course gluten free!!  So in a nutshell,  “Klee Naturals swears off all harsh ingredients and uses only gentle, natural minerals to formulate its Natural Mineral play makeup.”
Klee prides themselves in using the best and safest natural materials, and keep production local in the United States and Canada.
But there’s more amazingness! 
There are also collections for teens, body care, water-based nail polish (that just soaks off in water), and mineral face paint. #yaasss
The Nikola gals are hooked and so thankful to have discovered a natural and safe approach to allow this princess the opportunity to be
Tell me about your all natural and gluten free finds for your babies! 
(This is the kit Sophia has and it’s even an Amazon Prime item!)

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