Six Tips to Help Lessen the Stress of Being A Mama!


Peace out 2018!

We had some pretty amazing memories, yet, I experienced some pretty intense  “WTH is going on?!”  moments. 

After given much thought about these WTH encounters, I noticed the underlining cause of them.. bet you can’t guess what it is…I’ll give you a hint..

First letter starts with an “S and ends with an “S”.








Mamas, I don’t know what it was this year, especially in the months of September and December, but I felt more stressed (in so many different ways) than I probably ever have!  

Instead of going back and reliving those moments #nothankyou, I am going to learn from those experiences and make it a point to take better care of myself so I don’t get to THAT point again! 

So, when you feel as if you can’t get off the hot mess express, keep these six tips in mind – I promise, you’ll feel like you have your Ishh together #signmeup


  1. Drink lots of water and some seltzer. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water each day!!!  I am typically a pretty hydrated person but I have noticed that once things start to get a bit busy, my water intake lessens which leads to a whole bunch of problems- dryness (chapped lips, skin), migraine trigger, and (TMI) bathroom trouble. To increase your water intake set reminders in your phone, download a water tracking app like (Daily Water Tracker Reminder) or get this fancy water bottle that reminds you to drink! #itglows!  So, drink your h2O and maybe 1 to two cans of seltzer per day, and you should be 👌  
  2. Be mindful of what you eat!  Healthy body = healthy mind, body, and soul!  My secret weapon to help me track my food intake, MyFitness Pal App.  When I dropped Jameson’s baby weight, I used MFP to track my macro (protein, fat, and carbohydrate) consumption and I was able to really see how eating the right amount of macros allowed me to get to a weight I haven’t seen in years- with no exercise.  Speaking of exercise…
  3. Exercise more.  Again, healthy body= healthy mind, body, and soul. But here’s my strategy -I’m shooting to exercise at least 3 times per week (for 30 mins) and if it’s more, AWESOME!  If not, I’m not going to freak out and give myself more anxiety because I couldn’t fit it in.  There are four more days to get that heart rate up!  How can you squeeze it in? That’s where we have to be creative! Here are some suggestions: get outside with your babies and ride a bike with them, play tag, chase after them as they are cruising in their hot wheel, put on a movie or a favorite TV show #don’tfeelguilty and stream a workout (I love my Beachbody on Demand), they may even want to join in!  I found working out when the babies are asleep worked well- great time to wind down from the day.

I saved these three for last because they are what every.single, mama. needs to hear!!  You ready!?!? 

4. Give yourself some grace.  Be realistic when it comes to trying to balance it all, and know it’s OK to have our moments aboard the hot mess express!  It’s OK to crack open a box of mac and cheese twice in one week and serve it to your kiddies because you are just too exhausted from the day and can’t think about cooking.  It’s OK to not have a super eventful weekend; some time to relax doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s OK if the kids go to bed without taking a shower for one night.  Just breathe and know tomorrow is another day and know you’re not alone on the hot mess express!

5. Feel pretty!  Now let me explain.  When I say “pretty” I mean you feel like 1000 bucks- you walk into a room, a smile on your face, holding on to your babies and feel like you got your ish together #lovethatfeeling.  How can you feel like that? How about investing in something that makes you feel beautiful?!! Is this being materialistic?  Absolutely not.  Sometimes we just need something to bring us back to who we were, pre-hot mess express!   Here are some ideas I’m looking to do this upcoming year, in no specific order: drink from a fancy Kate Spade glass (like this) and maybe serve my food on a darling plate, a sparkly manicure, a gorgeous bag (does it for me everytime) or a pair of sunglasses, a fuzzy and beyond comfortable robe (like my current one), a night out wearing your favorite outfit with the girls. Whatever it is, do it!  Trust me, you will feel recharged and oh, so pretty!

6. Ask for help!!  I feel like this is a hard pill to swallow for most mamas but after first hearing this beautiful piece of advice from my #momcrush, Rachel Hollis- it really resonated with me and made me think, “Why the hell not?”  Mamas, this job is HARD- we can’t do IT ALL.  So, why not ask for help?!  Make it a point to find friends, family members, or sitters that will take the kiddies to religion if you’re in a crunch, or babysit while you’re out to dinner with your significant other.  It takes a village!  It doesn’t make you a lesser parent; it makes you a happier and healthier mama, friend, and partner!

2019 is the year of less stress and more smiles for this mama and I hope it’s the same for you! 

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