Sparkle with Chloe+Lois

Mamas, you all know I love me anything that sparkles… (It’s rubbing off on Sophia and I’m kinda loving it #likemamalikedaughter)

With that said, I wanted to kick off my first post for the month of “gratefulness” (AKA November) sharing a little story of why I’m currently obsessing over the sparkly accessories I’m wearing above.

See that stunning silver disc earring? #ohsosparkly

What about the delicate yet eye-catching ring?  #rosegoldwithpinkanddiamonds #omggg

These darling pieces are part of the Chloe and Lois collection- A Hudson Valley jewelry line focused on providing pieces to women who want to look good while tackling everyday life. #yasss

 I am grateful to have discovered this gem of a collection because:

  • The jewelry is inspired by vibrant colors and delicate pieces which make them so versatile and affordable!  You can wear any piece with jeans and a mama-bun or with a little black dress!  These accessories give you that added sparkle just to make you feel like you have your ishh together. #yesplease
  • The quality and design of the accessories are stellar! The earrings are made with sterling silver so people like me who need hypoallergenic rods can wear the earrings all day with no pain! #thankyousweetbabyjesus

The story behind C+L’s inception is so inspiring!  Brooke, (the owner + designer) had a dream of owning a boutique and after launching one online, her love for jewelry transpired; it paved the way to create her own line.  Named after her fur baby and her late grandmother, Chloe and Lois was born. Brooke is local to the Hudson Valley area and she is seriously just the sweetest thing!  I couldn’t be happier for her following her dream!

Because Brooke is just too darling, she is offering the #diamondtribe a little something sparkly!  So, when you make a purchase, maybe a little treat to yourself or a thoughtful gift to someone special, use the coupon code “heath10” to receive 10% off your purchase!

I promise you won’t be disappointed with the amount of sparkle you’ll be radiating not just from the outside, but also from within #powerofaccessories.




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