A little slap in the face.. #goodslaptho

Although I’m two weeks late, Happy New Year!!

I have to admit.. I’ve been in a bit of a funk recently.

The whole working-mama / balancing life / not being able to blog (as you can see with my previous posts #itried), workout, or do things that I had more time to do

has been quite exhausting and I KNOW it should be because it comes with the territory… But sometimes, it does get to me because I do like to feel I have a good grasp on everything…

Recently tho, I feel my grasp isn’t all there… #thestruggleisreal

One of the biggest reasons why it’s hitting me especially hard is because Jameson and I are battling yet another thrush experience #iwanttocry

I started feeling “it” (you’ll never forget it if you experienced this) on New Year’s Eve and I thank my lucky stars, both Jameson and I were able to start our medication the following day.  I immediately started upping my probiotics, Kombucha, Apple cider vinegar shots and cutting out processed foods and refined sugars.

Ringing in 2018 with Jameson and his god mommy!

Not that I’m at all a doctor or an expert in this, but I have a feeling what caused it…

Two things- my diet plus latch issues.

Diet- It was the holidays and of course, there’s way too many sweets around… So what’s a mama to do?  Indulge a bit too much…A little fun fact- yeast thrives on sugar…NYE is when I put 2-2 together since I was devouring a few brownies and way too much cannoli chip dip. #REDFLAG

So there’s THAT and then add Jameson’s poor latch.

Jameson has a shallow latch and because of this, he has caused blanching (nipple damage) which can turn into thrush. (for more info on this whole craziness, check this out).  It healed nicely after my first experience because I was pumping at work, rather than nursing.  However; while on our holiday break, I nursed him on-demand since he was sick plus cutting two teeth #hewantedhismama

my teething boy
Sweets + blanching from excessive nursing = Thrush (in my opinion)

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to boil/steam clean all pump parts, bottle pieces, and teething toys on a daily basis.  Plus changing nursing pads after every pump/feed, wash everything after one use in hot water, this list goes on… #illstopcomplainingnow


I learned there is good to all this……

Let me explain.

Over on my Facebook page, I shared my first experience with thrush and blanching…
the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Within the past few weeks, I’ve had two mamas contact me, asking questions as they were currently battling thrush or similar symptoms.

We chatted and although it totally stinks to be going through this, we realized we weren’t alone and it was actually “comforting”(in a way), to know others struggle with breastfeeding- no matter if it’s the first or third baby…

After sharing our stories, I couldn’t help but think back as to why I started this blog.

Five years ago, I decided to share my interests in fashion, beauty, DIY, fitness & nutrition, and Mamahood.  I want to offer other mamas encouragement, inspiration, and certainly a few giggles or two, as we embark on this journey of raising mini-versions of ourselves.

So although this experience had me feeling as if I wasn’t winning at this whole, mamahood game, it was a nice slap in the face- reminding me that DUHHH… you’re not alone and it’s OK to have moments where it’s not going perfectly as planned!  The mommyhood tribe is strong and we lift one another in more ways than one!

Thank you, mamas, for the sweet reminder.  Mamahood is one crazy ride but it has its sparkling moments.

They’re worth it!

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