Favorite Things: My Favorite Accessory with a Technological Twist

In honor of the Nikola Clan’s favorite time of the year, I will be sharing a series of blog posts (hopefully 12) within the next few weeks, that will highlight just a few of our “favorite things”.

Each Nikola Clan member will share their “favorite thing” and of course, I will throw in my favorites when it comes to being a mama, fashion, beauty, food, and fitness!

First up!!!

One of my favorite accessories with a technological twist…

My Apple watch!

I was a Fitbit wearer and loved its fitness tracking features. However; while pregnant with Jameson, I couldn’t work out as much and found my Fitbit wasn’t being utilized for its purpose.

Andrew noticed my frustration and bought me an Apple Watch for my birthday #bestbdaygift and since August, it hasn’t left my wrist.

Why I love this watch (in rose gold):

  • Of course, the instant text messages (great to get the ones from daycare)
  • Syncing an email- I Synced the email Sophia’s teacher uses to communicate with us, in case she emails me throughout the day #celiacprobs
  • When I first started nursing, I downloaded the app, “Breast Feeding Timer” (highly suggest it) which tracks how long you nurse for and which side.. Plus, it reminds you to nurse…  I accessed the app through my Apple watch to track it all #totallifesaver.  
  • Calendar alerts, so I’m not super, super late to appointments #maybejustalittle
  • Lastly, if you happen to lose/misplace your cell phone, the Apple watch can “ping” (make it ding) your phone so you can find it.  I use this feature just about every.single.day!  It’s to the point where Sophia will hear the ping and say, “Mommy, it’s over here!” #sheknowsmetoowell
I know there are many more amazing features about this watch I haven’t discovered just yet.. But so far, I’m loving it!  

Stay tuned for more of The Nikola Clan’s favorite things…Andrew’s next ;)

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