Saturday, December 16, 2017

Favorite Things: Gluten Free Goodies for Miss Sophia

Anyone who knows Sophia knows she loves her dessert after dinner #takesafterherdaddy
We are so thrilled to have stumbled upon a LOCAL, yes, local, gluten free pastry business that makes the most delicious gluten free treats, Mad Batters Pastries. 
I first came across these pastries at our local deli and bought a variety to try. They were deeeelish, so I immediately looked them up on Facebook.  I chatted with the owner, Kristen, for a bit and thanked her for keeping those with dietary restrictions in mind #thankyou 
I ordered a platter of cookies from Mad Batters for Jameson’s baptism and am considering about getting some for Christmas. 

For my local mamas, Mad Batters Pastries are sold throughout the Hudson Valley.  Check out this link for locations...
Thank you, Mad Batters for making delicious treats for our girl to love (and not give me anxiety after she eats them!)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Favorite things: Magnolia

After seeing the latest edition of Magnolia Journal
(Isn’t this image breathtaking?!?)

I couldn’t help but finally start reading the book, “The Magnolia Story”.
(I only got it a year ago) #opppsie
I’m not done with it yet, but I can tell you, Joanna and Chip’s story of starting her store, Magnolia, is inspiring!  Love how Chip supported her, no questions asked, while she thought this vision of her store was more of a “dream”.  
I’m not a “die-hard” Fixer Upper watcher because quite honestly, I’m not completely gaga over the whole farmhouse/rustic feel in a home... However, I can say Joanna has inspired some of my future DIY projects #thankyoujoanna. 
 And their new collection at Target, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, may make an appearance in the Nikola home. #donttellandrew
Anyone else a fan of Joanna and Chip Gaines?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Favorite Things: Andrew loves his Jeep

When I asked my husband, Andrew, what is one of his favorite things, there was hardly any hestation when he said, “My Jeep”.  #duhiknewthat

I am not surprised.  It’s been his dream to own a Jeep Wrangler for years and when he finally decided to invest in one, I laughed thinking, “How silly must we look, rocking two car seats in a Jeep with its top off?!”

Fast forward one year later, we’re measuring the backseat to make sure another car seat can fit in the back #jamesondrewenterstheworld

Luckily, our Diono car seats are awesome and can accommodate Jameson’s seat so we can be THAT family, rocking in the Jeep, three car seats deep! 

When asked why the Jeep is on-top of his favorite list...

  1. Top off, doors off..nothing better than feeling the wind and sun beating down while cruising. 
  2. Off-Road.. Brayden and I had too much fun the other day driving through the snow..
  3. Memories we make in it...whether it’s just the kids and I driving to school singing Bruno Mars, or a family trip to get some ice cream, the Jeep is fun... and Babe, don’t tell me you don’t like to drive it and do the “Jeep Wave” when you pass another Jeep!”

Haha, he’s got a point.. it’s a Jeep thing... #ifeelspecial

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Favorite Things: My Favorite Accessory with a Technological Twist

In honor of the Nikola Clan’s favorite time of the year, I will be sharing a series of blog posts (hopefully 12) within the next few weeks, that will highlight just a few of our “favorite things”.

Each Nikola Clan member will share their "favorite thing" and of course, I will throw in my favorites when it comes to being a mama, fashion, beauty, food, and fitness!

First up!!!

One of my favorite accessories with a technological twist...

My Apple watch!

I was a Fitbit wearer and loved its fitness tracking features. However; while pregnant with Jameson, I couldn't work out as much and found my Fitbit wasn't being utilized for its purpose.

Andrew noticed my frustration and bought me an Apple Watch for my birthday #bestbdaygift and since August, it hasn't left my wrist.

Why I love this watch (in rose gold):
  • Of course, the instant text messages (great to get the ones from daycare)
  • Syncing an email- I Synced the email Sophia's teacher uses to communicate with us, in case she emails me throughout the day #celiacprobs
  • When I first started nursing, I downloaded the app, "Breast Feeding Timer" (highly suggest it) which tracks how long you nurse for and which side.. Plus, it reminds you to nurse...  I accessed the app through my Apple watch to track it all #totallifesaver.  
  • Calendar alerts, so I'm not super, super late to appointments #maybejustalittle
  • Lastly, if you happen to lose/misplace your cell phone, the Apple watch can "ping" (make it ding) your phone so you can find it.  I use this feature just about!  It's to the point where Sophia will hear the ping and say, "Mommy, it's over here!" #sheknowsmetoowell

I know there are many more amazing features about this watch I haven't discovered just yet.. But so far, I'm loving it!  

Stay tuned for more of The Nikola Clan's favorite things...Andrew's next ;)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Happy Holidays from the Nikola Clan

This years' holiday pictures were taken by Little Hoots Photography, the same amazing photographer who did my maternity photos.

Trish told me this year's shoot was going to have a rustic feel to it, so I kept that in mind while designing our outfits.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Nikola Clan <3 

Outfit details:
Sophia & Brayden- H&M
Jameson- Old Navy
Mine- Old Navy
Andrew- Kohls