Welcome Jameson Drew

June 9, 2017
5:00 AM
“OMG, I’m peeing!” was my first thought. 
I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and actually jumped into the shower to realize I wasn’t peeing but in fact, my water was breaking!!
“Andrew!  Andrew!  ANDREW, my water broke!”
Never saw him jump up so fast to call his parents to say, “It’s go time!”
My sister-in-law popped over just in case we had to leave earlier than when my in-laws arrived BECAUSE I thought for sure things would go quickly since this is baby numba three. #pahaha

I asked her to braid my hair so it’s out of my way while doing the whole labor thing 😉 
We entered the hospital around 6:30 and waited in triage until my bed was ready in labor and delivery.  It’s funny as when I walked in, one of the nurses recognized me as she was my nurse when I delivered Brayden.  Sounds weird to say, but I felt at home…
Contractions started around 7:30- nothing consistent… 3,4,7 minutes apart.  I kept track of them on a great app, “Baby Bump Pro” #getitforsure
The nurses never asked me if I was “sure” my water broke (last time, they asked if I was sure I didn’t pee myself) but I remember one nurse saying, “Yes, she definitely ruptured.” 
I arrived in my labor and delivery room around 10 AM and found myself just watching the clock and asking myself, “Do I need an epidural?”
I had an epidural with both Sophia and Brayden and I wanted to see if I can go without one.  My thought process was, “Since this is my third, things will go quickly.  It may hurt but it will be done and over with- FAST.”  #ifitwereonlythattrue
It wasn’t until 3ish or so is when the contractions really started to kick-in and I was brought to tears a few times.  My hubs kept saying, “Just get the epidural, Heather… There’s nothing wrong in getting one.  It will make things easier.”
My doctor came in and it wasn’t until she said, “There’s nothing wrong getting an epidural.  I can tell you, it will hurt without one and you’ll remember the pain.  The epidural will ease the pain and make it more comfortable.”
Between her and my hubs, they convinced me to go ahead with the epidural and I’m sooo glad I did.  #noregrets

I still felt the contractions, but it was more pressure than a “pain”.   As the contractions continued, I had to be flipped to my side because the baby’s heart rate would drop during a contraction.  At that point, I was thinking, “Do I need an emergency C-section?”  However, flipping to my left side seemed to do the trick #thankheavens
Before the epidural, I was 5-6 cm dilated and 90% effaced. 
 Within 40 minutes, I went to 10 cm, 100% effaced and ready to push.
“Why don’t you try- bear down and push…. OK STOP!  We need the doctor, this baby is coming!”
As soon as the nurse said it, I bursted into tears!  
“Why are you crying, Mama?  You’re going to have your baby.”
I know, that’s just it! 
 I was so relieved that I can finally hold this baby in my arms.  My diagnosis of Lyme disease at 28 weeks pregnant seriously took such an emotional toll on my body and mind, and just the thought of he/she being born within minutes totally took over me. The nurses gave me an oxygen mask to help me get it together! 
“Push.  Wait, Stop… Push, Stop… LOOK!”
(4:17 pm)
“IT’S A BOY!” I screamed and started laughing and crying.  
 I looked at my Hubs and he was wiping the tears from his eyes.  He was telling everyone “She swore it was a girl the whole time.” #iseriouslydid
“You want to do skin-to-skin?”  One of the nurses asked as the baby was peeing on her.  #itwashysterical
“Of course!” 
 This was the first time any of my babies were placed on me without being wiped down and it was just the most blissful experience.

I had no pain-
 just pure joy, relief, excitement, and gratefulness. 
A sweet boy, Jameson Drew.

How did we come up with his name?
The Hubs and I can’t seem to remember “who” came up with it, (I think I did but he swears he did..lol) and no, we aren’t hardcore whiskey drinkers so it’s not after the alcohol #inevertriedit
 Originally it was “Jameson Thomas” but when I came up with “Drew” (after the Hubs, “Andrew“) for our girl’s middle name, “Elliana Drew,” it kinda just stuck with us.
Jameson Drew Nikola has a great ring to it!
 He completes our The Nikola Clan <3 
Jameson Drew Nikola
June 9, 2017 (12 days early)
4:17 pm
7lbs., 9oz., 20 inches long

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