Nikola Kids Birthday party at Poughkidsie!

Today we celebrated Sophia and Brayden’s birthday at an awesome 5,000 square foot play center called, Poughkidsie, located in Poughkeepsie, (get it?) NY.
Knowing I was going to be eight months pregnant, I didn’t want to host their party at our home or have to do much of the work for it (sad, I know; especially since I love planning parties and bringing themes to life…But this mama is feeling way too PREGNANT for any of that #only6moreweeks)
So after asking other mamas for recommendations, a few month back via social media, I discovered Poughkidsie.
After scrolling through their website and seeing a “gluten free” birthday package, plus its diverse activities which encourage creativity and imaginative play, I decided let’s give it a shot!
The kids started off in the “Create Workspace” where they can choose to paint and decorate a dinosaur or hand-held mirror!
After painting, it was off to “The Village”.  I have to apologize because I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have to show how cute this “Village” really is- It has six themed shops with props and dress-up clothes. Just make sure you bring a pair of socks, no shoes or bare feet are allowed in the village #keepingitclean

So impressed with the “x-ray” viewer plus a real exam table!  Kids were “fixing” babies and animals!


Ringing the bell=Pizza time!!!

After playing in the village, it was pizza time!  I could have taken advantage of a gluten-free pizza being delivered but I decided to bring our own for Sophia.  I didn’t want to chance anything, especially today!

Then it was back in the village for more play!! 

Finally, it was time to sing, Happy Birthday!  Cake/cupcakes were not included in the original package, however, you can order through their preferred vendor.  I decided to just bring our own gluten free cupcakes and brownies!

The party lasted two hours and I am very happy with how everything went- smoothly!  The kids took their projects home, plus they received another craft in their goodie bag, which was provided by Poughkidsie. #score
All the gifts were packed up in two bags for Sophia and Brayden which made leaving super easy.
I highly recommend Poughkidsie for birthday parties or even just an afternoon/morning of crafts and play.  The facility is clean and the owners and employees are friendly and hospitible.
Sophia and Brayden both said they had a great time, playing with their friends and painting their dinosaur and hand mirror!
Anddd as you can see, they had so much fun, they couldn’t stay awake on the car ride home!   #missionaccomplished
Check out Poughkidsie’s website here for all the info!



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