Sophia’s Birthday Celebration to American Girl!

This trip has been on my mind for the last two years.  Going to the American Girl Store is like a right-of-passage for a little girl.  
I wanted her first trip to be special and meaningful and I knew back when she was three, we would make our trip to the NYC American Girl Store to celebrate her fifth birthday!
Fast forward to #Sophiais5 and the time has finally come!
 I woke up super early (and giddy) to do my research as to how to navigate from Grand Central Terminal to AGS.  BTW- take the rear entrance out of Grand Central which brings you out to 47th and Madison.  You are literally less than 5 mins away from American Girl.  It was the BEST shortcut, ever! 
Props to NYC for the beautiful splashes of Spring!
The whole process can be extremely overwhelming, so first timers, be prepared!!
Sophia wasn’t into a “girl” doll at first.  She wanted a “Bitty Baby” (mainly because that’s all she plays with are “baby dolls”.)  However, after showing her around and Daddy’s magical ways, we were back looking through the two floors of “girl dolls” #waytogodaddy

I couldn’t get over the “doll holder” in the bathroom… lol! 
And we finally have a winner, Rebecca!! 
Cafe Experience: A+
I have to admit, the price to eat lunch at the American Girl Cafe is “fair” for the amount of food you’re given, plus being in NYC.  You can access the menu, here
The Cafe had a variety of gluten free entrees as well as providing the first/second-course gluten free.  I’m not going to lie, I was a nervous wreck after we ate, waiting for Sophia to get sick.  THANKFULLY, she was A-Ok!  
American Girl Cafe is definitely gluten free-friendly!
 Overall, the day was so memorable for all of us.
 Seeing Sophia interact with “Rebecca” after having her for a few days now just puts such a smile on my face.  Rebecca enjoys walking with Sophia, taking bathroom breaks, and changing into various outfits throughout the day.
 I think Sophia has herself a life-long friend in Rebecca 😉
And I’m not going to lie, I can’t wait to go back 😉

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