The Unthinkable Lesson to Teach Our Babies

Mamas, this post is dedicated to one of my dear mama friends, Jess, who has just experienced the


yet, sadly it’s something we have to worry about in crazy world we live in. 

Please read her PSA and educate yourselves and your babies of the dangers that may linger anywhere!!!!     

“My PSA for fellow parents…….I don’t want any of our friends to go through a day like we had. Brian and I have talked to our kids about poison ivy, hot stoves, strangers but never hypodermic needles! Trevor and Giuliana found a dirty needle on our FRONT LAWN (we live behind Spackenkill high school) and the curious kids they are opened it and Giuliana got pricked as Trevor handed it to her! 😩 

We took her to Vassar ER and she was tested for HIV, hepatitis and other infections.

Please please have the talk with your kids, its a crazy world we live in. Thank you to “our village” that dropped everything (especially my sister), phone calles, text messages, and pure love for our family!!! You all know who you are and we are blessed to have you in our lives!”

I don’t think my goosebumps have gone away along with the pit in my stomach for this dear family

As Jess stressed, please talk to your babies about this danger that unfortunately is so real and can hit close to home.  

We showed Sophia the picture of the needle as well as the brave baby Giuliana.   We told her to never pick up anything like this and if she were to ever see it, tell an adult! 

Mamas, we try to do everything we can to protect our babies.  Unfortunately, there are some lessons we wouldn’t think to teach our kids.  But consider this one, something to teach and share with EVERYONE.  

Please keep this sweet family in your thoughts and prayers as they wait for the blood results to come in. 

Thank you, Jess and Brian, for sharing your story.  Without a doubt, many children will now know what to do when they encounter this horrific object. You’re heart wrenching experience is touching so many families.

Sending lots of prayers and strength your  way ❤️❤️

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