Friday Favorites {OCMD Inspired}

This weeks Friday Favorites is inspired by our improv vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.
1. Sophia and Brayden both agree, the OCEAN and searching for crabs!!   I honestly never noticed sand crabs before.  Thanks to her cousins and Uncle from Cali, that’s what most of our time at the beach consists of- digging up crabs!
Props to Sophia picking up those suckers like its her JOB… I still squirm when she asks me to hold one.  Lol.
2. I love my high waisted bathing suit bottoms!  I was hesitant at first when I ordered them because I was worried about my “short girl” problems.  Turns out, short girls can rock high waisted bottoms!!!  Plus, it covers the love handle areas and ruching is super flattering.   I am not wearing the matching top (oppsie) because I wanted to even out my tan lines. #beachbumproblems
3. When I asked the Hubs what his Friday favorite was, he said, “My Kids”.  I 110% agree because not for nothing, Sophia has been a CHAMP here when it comes to eating out.  I mean, we brought her food with us into a restaurant and she totally understood she couldn’t eat the food the restaurant was serving because it wasn’t gluten free.  (OCMD- not a gluten friendly place, that’s another post..) She is seriously so mature when it comes to her celiac. 
And Brayden… Where do we begin with our little man who didn’t like the ocean, at first….But now, runs toward the ocean and as the wave crashes, he turns around and says, “Run, run, run!”  
He’s become an expert at “Monkey-Box”… (Monkey Preschool lunchbox app)
And no lie, he really is a happy child with a love for fire trucks and trains!
On the train ride at Jolly Roger theme park. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  We are leaving here and heading home tomorrow!!!   Have to get ready to gear up for an upcoming camping trip!

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