Our Summer “To Do” list

Summer is literally right around the corner, (9 days away to be exact) and each year, I try to create our summer “To Do” list consisting of trips or events we want to complete before the end of the summer.  Here is what the Nikola Clan is up to this summer…

Picnic at Vanderbilt Mansion (my place of Zen… seriously).
Picnic at Vanderbilt two years ago on our anniversary!
Camp Glamp on the beach (doing so in July).
Learn to make a decent campfire! 
Teach Sophia how to swim with no floaty.
Teach Sophia to ride bike.
Have a get together/party (fishing party perhaps) at our pond.
“Heatherize” our gazebo.. thinking some hanging lights will do the trick.
Go to a country concert.
This is countryish looking, right?
Run a 5K. 
Have a backyard movie night.
I asked Sophia what she’d like to do this summer and here are her responses:
Go to Disneyworld (we’re going on a Disney cruise- close enough)
Go camping (doing that, too)
We love our morning walks while we’re camping!
Go to Zootopia… I’ll have to work on that one 😉
How are you and your family making memories this summer? 

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