Friday Favorites

Each Friday, I am going to try to share our family’s current “favorites”.   This could range of an object, place, movie, truck, doll, ANYTHING…
So here are this week’s Friday Favorites!
1. Sophia and Brayden are OBSESSED.. and when I mean, “obsessed”, I mean OBSESSED with Zootopia!! They love Shakira’s song, “Try Everything” and bust a move every time it’s on- I think it’s adorable.  The movie itself is great- good lessons and a lot of adult humor.  The Hubs and I love Flash, Flash, 100 yard Dash!! 😉
Someone is making themselves comfy
2. My Hubs makes our superfood health shake every morning for breakfast and I have to admit, I wake up craving it- it’s THAT good!  He is the Shake MASTA!!  Here’s how he makes it:
Scoop of Chocolate Shakeology
Scoop of Cafe Latte Shakeology
Cup of Ice
1/2 cup of organic, gluten free rolled oats
2 TBS of peanut butter
Dash of raw/organic Honey
Cup of cooled coffee
Blend and SERVE..
3. When I asked The Hubs what his current “favorite” is, he replied, “music”… Being his wife, I knew he meant what songs he and the kids have been jamming out to every morning, on the way to daycare.  Here’s the Morning Crew’s favorite-
Justin Timberlake, Can’t Stop This Feeling!!  
If this song comes on while Brayden is around, expect him to jam out and ask to play it again, once it’s over.  If it can’t be played again, expect water works. Lol
OHHH….  As you can see, I gave my blog a little makeover, whatcha think?  I’m kinda obsessed with anything navy and with touch of sparkle- I’m in LOVEE!!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!  Happy Summer Break!!!

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