A Meaningful Update

Happy Saturday, Mamas!!

I figured since I really haven’t had a meaningful post here in a while, I’d share some random facts, life lessons and current interests all about me and our crazy lil’ family!

These aren’t in any type of order.

I just started typing….So.. here we go!!

1. I’ve learned time does indeed heal wounds.  I reconnected with someone who I actually never thought I’d speak to again.  Took three years to forgive and reconnect.. Glad it happened.

2. Zika Virus- go away!  You are totally ruining it for some mamas around here!!

3. Alzheimer’s disease is so unbelievably sad.  I never wish it upon anyone.  Rest in peace, Nana <3

4. Our recent trip to Disney had no major hiccups!

5. Country music is my jam!  The Hubs was able to get us tickets plus a meet and greet with Luke Bryan at an overnight destination. Perfect evening for the two of us after not being away from the kids for 2.5 years.

6. I’m a social media junkie with a purpose- help myself and other mamas survive mommyhood.

7.  I really like to go fishing- very relaxing for me.  But I won’t put the bait on the hook or take the hook out of the fish’s mouth..  My father does that 🙂

8.  Lipsticks are my latest obsession. #pinksandreds

9.  The growth from age 3-4 is mind-blowing (Future blog post to come!)

10. We are going on a Disney cruise this summer with Andrew’s family! #NikolasandDiazs #partyof11

11. I accidentally ‘glutened’ Sophia.  Luckily, she didn’t have a super horrendous reaction. Still broke my heart.

12. Kate Spade handbags are <3 <3

13. Ironically,  I prefer my Fitbit over my Kate Spade watch.

14. Sophia went to her first movie in a theater on her birthday. She loved Zootopia ,

15. My Mom was admitted to the hospital for a collapsed lung and pneumonia.  Doctors were 90% sure she had lung cancer.  I was preparing for the worse but results came back, negative! #thankyoujesus

16. Since my mom has a clean bill of health, my brother, my dad and I decided to get my Mom something she’s been wanting for years now…A miniature poodle… Meet Mack!

17. I enjoy lifting as part of my workout.  I see so much more definition and feel strong! #strongfitmama

18. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.. Although I may not understand why the heck it is happening, in one way or another, it will all make sense…

19. I’ve secretly become a history geek… At least 7th grade US History..

20. Our camper- we upgraded to a more child-friendly camper (with an amazing deal, too good to pass-up). Future post to come!

21. My weakness: Tortilla chips and cereal #sobadbutsogood

22. Our family isn’t complete just yet!

23. Our dog, Jake, had eye surgery due to glaucoma and now has a prosthetic eye.

24. We attended our first, Kentucky Derby Party!!  You all know I love themed parties!

25. Sophia is on a soccer team and is in dance.

26. I love both Sophia and Brayden with all my heart.. But there’s just something about a Mama and her son..

27. I try to eat healthy and clean 80% of the time.. I am human and I treat myself here and there.

28. My kids eat macaroni and cheese from a box (gluten free though).

29. Brayden loves trains, trucks, his Poppy and fishing!

30. We become close with my cousin and her family.  It’s great making memories with family <3

I think I’ll cut it there..

I don’t want to babble on but I wanted to give you all an update on what’s been happening in our lives for the last few months..

We are looking forward to summer- stay tuned to our summer bucket list!

What are some of your bucket list plans?

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