Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nowhere to go besides up!!

I don't even know where to begin… I'm just going to type and we'll see where this takes me…. 

Saturday 4:40 AM, we were on our way to my in-laws to catch a limo with my sister-in-law and her family visiting from Cali. 

Limo -> airport -> Florida -> Disney cruise. 

Arrive at airport and Hubs checks the Jet Blue App... Notices our flight is rescheduled to Sunday, 7:30 pm. 

"Shut up!!!!!   That can't be right!"

Run into airport... It was right.  

Called travel agent.

Called Jet Blue. 

Called travel insurance. 

Called numerous airlines..

Tweeted and started a social media SOS to Donald Trump.. (He has property close to the airport.. Figured it was worth a shot..) #trumpsaveourtrip

All resulted in no flights available (either cancelled from previous nights weather or booked) in the surrounding areas to accommodate all 11 of us..

Left airport after four hours, in shock...  

We are not going on this family cruise that was talked about for the past two years.  Sophia was not going to show Minnie Mouse she had her toe nails painted like the polka dots on her dress...

Got back to in-laws and cried..

We decided to start looking into renting a house for a few days..

Four hours later, called numerous rental homes, searched dozens of sites, still no rental home... 

Thought what if we flew down to Florida yesterday?!   The severe weather may have not allowed us to go then, as well. 

Cried again...

But cried at the fact so many people are showing so much kindness and love toward our situation. 

Go to bed, asking God, what was his reason behind all this?   Why do this to us?  My father-in-law has been talking non-stop about this trip since January... We held off "trying" for baby #3, for this trip.. 

What is Your plan?!

Wake up on Sunday morning... Pinch myself...

Nope, not a dream.. Still all very real..

Called a realtor in Ocean City, Maryland... 

Had 3 rental homes available. 

Booked one- jumped in the car, (luggage was still in there), added some beach chairs and sand toys and made the 5 hour trip.  

Had a great drive down.. Learned a lot of what OCMD has to offer.  

Still couldn't help but think, "What would we be doing on the ship, right now?  Princess Meet and Greet?"

Sophia saw a plane in the sky- "Let's get on that plane and then it will take us to the Disney Cruise..." Still.. More tears...

Get to house, made all 6 beds.. Cooked gf pasta for dinner... Sent the gentleman out for groceries (seriously took 2 hours.. Us ladies would have been back in 45 mins. Lol)

Monday, July 4th-

Overcast sky.. Spent the morning at the beach.. 

Freaked out when Sophia was knocked down by wave crashing down on her.  She was fine.  I was, too, after I talked myself out of a panic attack. 

Came back to house..

Lunch -> shower -> nap.

Went out to dinner to Macky's Bar and Grill. 

Ordered a "gluten free cheeseburger with no bun" for Sophia.  

Burger came out on bun.. Waiter noticed and sent it back.. He insured us it was a new burger.. I even looked at it- didn't look like it was on a bun.  

We all ate...

Brother-in-law had to eat outside.. He's allergic to shellfish and the smell was getting to him.  

Came home -> watched Chicken Little -> ready to go on beach to watch fireworks. 

Sophia starts getting sick... She was glutened...

Cleaned her-up twice, as well as myself.  

"Mommy, I'm sorry I ate the burger.. I hope you still love me even if I throw up."

Tears are rolling down my face as I type at the moment.  Feel like a terrible mama, who allowed her daughter to get sick...

It's 11:52, I'm going to end this and pray to God again and ask him... Please dear lord, let's start going up from here... I need this more than you know...

*i know this is not a typical post from me but I needed to get this out with the hopes that it's now in the past and the worse is now over.  I'm not looking for sympathy or criticism. Just needed to vent and one day look back at this and laugh... Or if someone wants to make it into a movie- just let me know.  😉

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites

Each Friday, I am going to try to share our family's current "favorites".   This could range of an object, place, movie, truck, doll, ANYTHING...

So here are this week's Friday Favorites!

1. Sophia and Brayden are OBSESSED.. and when I mean, "obsessed", I mean OBSESSED with Zootopia!! They love Shakira's song, "Try Everything" and bust a move every time it's on- I think it's adorable.  The movie itself is great- good lessons and a lot of adult humor.  The Hubs and I love Flash, Flash, 100 yard Dash!! ;)
Someone is making themselves comfy
2. My Hubs makes our superfood health shake every morning for breakfast and I have to admit, I wake up craving it- it's THAT good!  He is the Shake MASTA!!  Here's how he makes it:
Scoop of Chocolate Shakeology
Scoop of Cafe Latte Shakeology
Cup of Ice
1/2 cup of organic, gluten free rolled oats
2 TBS of peanut butter
Dash of raw/organic Honey
Cup of cooled coffee

Blend and SERVE..

3. When I asked The Hubs what his current "favorite" is, he replied, "music"... Being his wife, I knew he meant what songs he and the kids have been jamming out to every morning, on the way to daycare.  Here's the Morning Crew's favorite-

Justin Timberlake, Can't Stop This Feeling!!  

If this song comes on while Brayden is around, expect him to jam out and ask to play it again, once it's over.  If it can't be played again, expect water works. Lol

OHHH....  As you can see, I gave my blog a little makeover, whatcha think?  I'm kinda obsessed with anything navy and with touch of sparkle- I'm in LOVEE!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!  Happy Summer Break!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

"To the world you are a dad
to our family
you are our world!"

Thank you, Andrew, for being an amazing father to 
Sophia and Brayden.  I couldn't imagine anyone else fulfilling such a roll in our babies lives!  
We love you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

W.W.W.W. {One Skirt, Two Ways}

What.We.Wore.Wednesday is back and I absolutely love these two looks.
One skirt.  Two fun ways to wear it!
I scored this adorable Talbots jacket from my local consignment shop.  Paid a whopping $8.00!! Love the ruffles!
Lose the jacket for more of a fun, yet simple look!
Spice it up with some accessories!!
For a more comfortable feel, throw on some slip-ons! 
There we have it, one skirt with two different yet, fun looks. This is a mommy friendly skirt, as well.  It's comfy and allows movement to chase after some crazy two year olds.  😜

 Don't forget about the power of accessories!  They can totally transform your outfit from "work" to "play"!!!

Skirt- Anne Taylor Loft Outlet (similar here)
Tank- Old Navy
Shoulder bag- Kate Spade Outlet (similar here)
Watch and Bangle- Kate Spade Outlet
Studded necklace- Ann Taylor (similar here)
Yellow necklace- Target
Fedora- Target
Sandels- Kohl's
Slip-on's- Walmart (yes, believe it)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Our Summer "To Do" list

Summer is literally right around the corner, (9 days away to be exact) and each year, I try to create our summer "To Do" list consisting of trips or events we want to complete before the end of the summer.  Here is what the Nikola Clan is up to this summer...
Picnic at Vanderbilt Mansion (my place of Zen... seriously).
Picnic at Vanderbilt two years ago on our anniversary!
Camp Glamp on the beach (doing so in July).
Learn to make a decent campfire! 
Teach Sophia how to swim with no floaty.
Teach Sophia to ride bike.
Have a get together/party (fishing party perhaps) at our pond.

"Heatherize" our gazebo.. thinking some hanging lights will do the trick.
Go to a country concert.
This is countryish looking, right?
Run a 5K. 
Have a backyard movie night.

I asked Sophia what she'd like to do this summer and here are her responses:

Go to Disneyworld (we're going on a Disney cruise- close enough)
Go camping (doing that, too)
We love our morning walks while we're camping!
Go to Zootopia... I'll have to work on that one ;)

How are you and your family making memories this summer? 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Meaningful Update

Happy Saturday, Mamas!!

I figured since I really haven't had a meaningful post here in a while, I'd share some random facts, life lessons and current interests all about me and our crazy lil' family!

These aren't in any type of order.

I just started typing....So.. here we go!!

1. I've learned time does indeed heal wounds.  I reconnected with someone who I actually never thought I'd speak to again.  Took three years to forgive and reconnect.. Glad it happened.

2. Zika Virus- go away!  You are totally ruining it for some mamas around here!!

3. Alzheimer's disease is so unbelievably sad.  I never wish it upon anyone.  Rest in peace, Nana <3

4. Our recent trip to Disney had no major hiccups!

5. Country music is my jam!  The Hubs was able to get us tickets plus a meet and greet with Luke Bryan at an overnight destination. Perfect evening for the two of us after not being away from the kids for 2.5 years.

6. I'm a social media junkie with a purpose- help myself and other mamas survive mommyhood.

7.  I really like to go fishing- very relaxing for me.  But I won't put the bait on the hook or take the hook out of the fish's mouth..  My father does that :)

8.  Lipsticks are my latest obsession. #pinksandreds

9.  The growth from age 3-4 is mind-blowing (Future blog post to come!)

10. We are going on a Disney cruise this summer with Andrew's family! #NikolasandDiazs #partyof11

11. I accidentally 'glutened' Sophia.  Luckily, she didn't have a super horrendous reaction. Still broke my heart.

12. Kate Spade handbags are <3 <3

13. Ironically,  I prefer my Fitbit over my Kate Spade watch.

14. Sophia went to her first movie in a theater on her birthday. She loved Zootopia ,

15. My Mom was admitted to the hospital for a collapsed lung and pneumonia.  Doctors were 90% sure she had lung cancer.  I was preparing for the worse but results came back, negative! #thankyoujesus

16. Since my mom has a clean bill of health, my brother, my dad and I decided to get my Mom something she's been wanting for years now...A miniature poodle... Meet Mack!

17. I enjoy lifting as part of my workout.  I see so much more definition and feel strong! #strongfitmama

18. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.. Although I may not understand why the heck it is happening, in one way or another, it will all make sense...

19. I've secretly become a history geek... At least 7th grade US History..

20. Our camper- we upgraded to a more child-friendly camper (with an amazing deal, too good to pass-up). Future post to come!

21. My weakness: Tortilla chips and cereal #sobadbutsogood

22. Our family isn't complete just yet!

23. Our dog, Jake, had eye surgery due to glaucoma and now has a prosthetic eye.

24. We attended our first, Kentucky Derby Party!!  You all know I love themed parties!

25. Sophia is on a soccer team and is in dance.

26. I love both Sophia and Brayden with all my heart.. But there's just something about a Mama and her son..

27. I try to eat healthy and clean 80% of the time.. I am human and I treat myself here and there.

28. My kids eat macaroni and cheese from a box (gluten free though).

29. Brayden loves trains, trucks, his Poppy and fishing!

30. We become close with my cousin and her family.  It's great making memories with family <3

I think I'll cut it there..

I don't want to babble on but I wanted to give you all an update on what's been happening in our lives for the last few months..

We are looking forward to summer- stay tuned to our summer bucket list!

What are some of your bucket list plans?