“Nikola’s Big Top” Celebration

Hi!!!  Remember me!?!
It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted ANYTHING here.. 
I hope to change that!  Summer is almost here, so hopefully I’ll have more time to dedicate to my blog!  I miss it! 
I wanted to share the details of Sophia & Brayden’s “Circus” inspired birthday party!!
We wanted to go for a vintage-like circus.  I’m not going to lie, this stems from Disney’s Magic Kingdom’s “Storybook Circus” area.. For those of you who’ve been on the Dumbo ride.. that whole section of the park.. I heart it!
I took this picture of the sign as sort of a “reminder”..lol
And here was our take!

Inside the favor bags- “Pop Corn” container (like whats on the table)”, clown nose and bubbles!
Homemade Chocolate covered apples with gluten free candy!  Cupcakes were GF (Pillsbury Funfetti) topped with vanilla icing and G/F animal crackers and sprinkles!
What’s a circus without some animals?!
Yes!!  That’s a Kangaroo! AHHH!!!
Ducks on leashes?  I can’t! So awesome 
Perhaps you like living on the wild side, like Uncle Luke!?  I’ll stick to the turtle and goat!! 😉
It’s official… I want a goat!!!
 Two by Two Zoo without a doubt is AMAZING! 
The animals were so well behaved and just so awesome.. They walked around the yard and just did their thing! I HIGHLY recommend them!!
Out goes the Zoo, In comes the balloon design maker!!


This was the kids first year having their friends from daycare at a party and it was so sweet to see how they interact, laugh, hold hands and chat with one another <3

Singing Happy Birthday!
Everything was gluten free for our girl! 
Decorations and favors came from Amazon, Dollar Stores, and Hobby Lobby!  Their custom designed shirts- Etsy!
They are still talking about the animals and their friends coming over to their house.  It was a picture perfect party (although I was a bit of a mess, trying to get things together the morning of…typical) and I think it will be one they will always remember.  I know I will..
I mean… Cmon, have you ever walked a goat?!

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