Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats

Note: This post first appeared on October 18, 2015.  It has been slightly updated with current information about The Teal Pumpkin Project, plus video.  Text and pictures below are mostly original.

Although Sophia is full of smiles, she knows she can’t eat most of this candy she earned while trick-or-treating last weekend during our camping trip.
 Sophia and other children who have celiac disease or food-related allergies, as well as their families, have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.  
LOVE the excitement of dressing up and saying “Trick-or-Treat!”
HATE telling your children, “No, you can’t eat that because it will make your tummy hurt.” Plus, dealing with the disappointment or meltdowns because they can’t eat their well-earned candy.
However, thanks to the “Teal Pumpkin Project,” Sophia and other children who can’t eat candy due to their food sensitivities or for those whom candy is not an option, are offered an alternative ‘treat’ on Halloween.  It keeps trick-or-treating a fun, and positive experience for all!!  #thankgoodness

Launched as a national campaign by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) in 2014, the Teal Pumpkin Project™ raises awareness of food allergies and promotes inclusion of all trick-or-treaters throughout the Halloween season…
To Provide non-food treats for trick-or-treaters, paint a pumpkin teal and place it in front of your home, along with a free printable sign from FARE, to indicate you have non-food treats available…
UPDATE: Target now has teal pumpkins for sale as they now support the Teal Pumpkin Project.
Of course, we needed to paint a teal pumpkin to show our support for the #tealpumpkingproject, and let others know we are a non-candy friendly, trick-or-treat environment *Update: Be sure to spray pumpkin with some sort of clear coding.  We did not and the paint stained our front stoop #opps
Along with your teal pumpkin, you can also download and print this sign and display it in your window.
Please consider having at least a few non-candy items as treats this Halloween… And don’t forget about school/daycare and preschool parties.
 Here are some ideas for “non-food” treats which can be purchased at local dollar stores.
Glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces, pencils, pens, crayons or markers, bubbles, Halloween erasers or pencil toppers, mini Slinkies, whistles, kazoos, or noisemakers, finger puppets or novelty toys, spider rings, vampire fangs, mini notepads, playing cards, bookmarks, stickers, and stencils.
I know we are going to a few locations this Halloween that will have a teal pumpkin outside its door.  The Nikola Clan THANKS YOU from the bottom of our hearts. #heartsbursting
  We hope you join in by making Halloween special for EVERYONE!! #tealpumpkinproject
 #foodallergies #celiacdisease #nonfoodtreats

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