Glamping… Camping..

Glamping… Camping…
Whatever you call it, the Nikola Clan absolutely loves it!!!

We spent the weekend in one of our favorites places, Lake George.  There were a bunch of our family and friends at Lake George Escape campground and we had a blast!!!  Plus, our close friends from Vermont made a trip down to see us.  Sophia played with her BFF, GiaBella, and Brayden and Layla had fun following around the two older crazy kids! 
Walking around the World’s Biggest Yard Sale in Warrensburgh
Showing off our new hats!
Very proud Mommy Moment here.. Used my body scarf as a carrier for B!!
Tractor ride Fun! And YESSS it was FREEEEZING!
Campfire and cuddles will keep you nice and warm!

Our “Little House” as Sophia calls

VTers and NYers together!!  
Andrew with his BFF, Kurt


Yes, our child must take off her shoes to run in the sand when it’s 45 degrees
Ready to roll!

Vincenza and Layla going for a spin!!

“Faster Mommy, Faster!!!”
LOL.. Love us!!!
Relaxing after the playground and pedal kart fun! 
Layla, BradyBoo and Jake
Take One…  
Take Two…. 
Andrew and his Mini Me!
Running around the camp sites
Mac and Cheese Smiles.. LOL
Crockpotting it up!  It’s a must while camping!!

One side of the tractor ride
Other side of tractor ride!
Tried getting all of us in it.. I spy Vincenza’s eye!!! 

Tractor rides are exhausting!
Some Camping 
How we know where Brayden is at night time… LOL!
When we first thought about investing in a travel trailer, my cousin told me, 
“You don’t make memories in a hotel room.”
That stuck with me.
I’m hoping to have a sign with that saying made this winter and it will be displayed in our “little house.”
We have one more camping trip left for the season.. Looking forward to the last hurray!  

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