Picture Perfect Day

Yesterday was the absolute picture perfect day!  The Hubs made plans with my cousin’s hubby to meet at Benmarl Winery (local winery..about 5 mins away) for its annual Grape Stomping festival.. The best part (besides having a blast with my cousin and her family) is that this event is kid-friendly! 
Getting ready to STOMP..
BradyBoo wasn’t a fan.. I don’t blame him..lol
Yup… I was totally grossed out..
My cousin, Sherida, and her son Anthony! 
Sophia and Brayden had a blast playing with their cousin, Anthony!
BradyBoo and Baby Jaxson just taking it all in! 

My heart started smiling from the minute we arrived until I rested my eyes to go to sleep.  Love the fact Sophia and Brayden spent time making memories with their cousins, Anthony and Jaxson. Love the time we had catching up with my cousin, Sherida and her hubby, Luke.. Looking forward to making more 
Picture Perfect Days.

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