My Favorite Designer

As I was hanging up my clothes in the closet the other day, I realized I have a favorite clothing line…

I currently own two blazer jackets, three blouses, four pairs of pants, and a pair of earrings of this one designer.  

Who is taking up space in my closet?  

Lauren Conrad and her “LC Collection,” available at Kohl’s.  
Yes, it’s the “Lauren” from Laguna Beach and The Hills!  Gosh, I feel like I’m in high school again…lol..

But seriously, I love her clothing, shoe, and accessory line.  She has a classic, yet delicate, feminine feel with adorable girly accents. Her clothes, especially her jeans, jeggins, and pants are super comfortable.  I recently bought a pair of jeggins and checkout the tag… Thought this was super clever!!!  (Got these babies on sale, too!  Love Kohl’s coupons!)
 The quality is impressively durable (mama proof) and to top it off, stylish!  For example, I invested in a pair of her brown knee-high boots and they lasted me three fall and winter seasons.
Besides the chic and sophisticated style, another reason why the LC Collection is a staple in my wardrobe is because I was able to wear these clothes, whether it was a sweater, blazer jacket, pants, leggins, or blouses, throughout the last few years of my life which include pregnancy and post pregnancy.  I always managed to find something that flattered my ever-so-changing figure. (I have at least 6 pieces of LC clothes in storage- prego/post prego clothes)

I decided to show off some of my favorite LC looks… I even feature some throwbacks!!

Blouse and Pants- LC Collection
Throwback to when I was pregnant with Brayden! #holypreggobatman
Blazer jacket- LC Collection
love this shirt.. I know you can’t see much of it but it is a staple in my wardrobe! 
My most recent purchase.. Jeggins and shirt.

Someone wanted in on the photo shoot fun!
Photo bombed!!!!
The prices of her line aren’t terrible since Kohl’s always has some sort of sale or coupon you can use toward your purchase.  Hoping we don’t get a 30% off coupon…. I may have to check out her latest collection 😉
What designer takes up your closet? 

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