Sunday, September 27, 2015

Picture Perfect Day

Yesterday was the absolute picture perfect day!  The Hubs made plans with my cousin's hubby to meet at Benmarl Winery (local winery..about 5 mins away) for its annual Grape Stomping festival.. The best part (besides having a blast with my cousin and her family) is that this event is kid-friendly! 
Getting ready to STOMP..
BradyBoo wasn't a fan.. I don't blame
Yup... I was totally grossed out..
My cousin, Sherida, and her son Anthony! 
Sophia and Brayden had a blast playing with their cousin, Anthony!
BradyBoo and Baby Jaxson just taking it all in! 

My heart started smiling from the minute we arrived until I rested my eyes to go to sleep.  Love the fact Sophia and Brayden spent time making memories with their cousins, Anthony and Jaxson. Love the time we had catching up with my cousin, Sherida and her hubby, Luke.. Looking forward to making more 
Picture Perfect Days.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Seared Ahi Tuna- Delish

Andrew and I love Ahi Tuna.

I came across a recipe in my bible of a cookbook, "Fixate," and decided to give it a shot.
It was amazing!  The picture doesn't do justice!
 Here's what I did to make this mouth-watering and gluten free, Seared Ahi Tuna served over brown rice and veggies-
You need:
1 tsp. olive oil
1 medium onion cut into wedges
1 med bell pepper, sliced
1 cup halved cherry tomatoes
1/4 tsp. sea salt
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
1/4 tsp. ground chili powder
4 (4-oz) raw ahi tuna steaks
 4 cups of brown rice (one pack of brown rice)
Do This:
1. Heat oil in a large over medium heat.
2. Add onion and bell peppers; cook, stirring frequently, for 5 to 6 min. or until onion is translucent.
3. Add tomatoes cook, stirring occasionally, for 2 to 3 minutes, or until tomatoes are soft.  Remove veggies from skillet.  Set aside.
4. Combine salt, pepper, and chili powder in a small bowl, mix well.
5. Coat all sides of ahi steaks with seasoning
6. Heat the same skillet over medium-high heat.
7. Add ahi; sear for 2 minutes on each side, or until desired doneness. Remove from heat.
8. Slice tuna on an angle.
9. Serve tuna over rice and side of veggies.
21 Day Fix equivalents per serving: 1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow

Don't forget, you can save any leftover tuna and put it over salad for lunch the next day!  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Favorite Designer

As I was hanging up my clothes in the closet the other day, I realized I have a favorite clothing line...

I currently own two blazer jackets, three blouses, four pairs of pants, and a pair of earrings of this one designer.  

Who is taking up space in my closet?  

Lauren Conrad and her "LC Collection," available at Kohl's.  
Yes, it's the "Lauren" from Laguna Beach and The Hills!  Gosh, I feel like I'm in high school

But seriously, I love her clothing, shoe, and accessory line.  She has a classic, yet delicate, feminine feel with adorable girly accents. Her clothes, especially her jeans, jeggins, and pants are super comfortable.  I recently bought a pair of jeggins and checkout the tag... Thought this was super clever!!!  (Got these babies on sale, too!  Love Kohl's coupons!)
 The quality is impressively durable (mama proof) and to top it off, stylish!  For example, I invested in a pair of her brown knee-high boots and they lasted me three fall and winter seasons.
Besides the chic and sophisticated style, another reason why the LC Collection is a staple in my wardrobe is because I was able to wear these clothes, whether it was a sweater, blazer jacket, pants, leggins, or blouses, throughout the last few years of my life which include pregnancy and post pregnancy.  I always managed to find something that flattered my ever-so-changing figure. (I have at least 6 pieces of LC clothes in storage- prego/post prego clothes)

I decided to show off some of my favorite LC looks... I even feature some throwbacks!!

Blouse and Pants- LC Collection
Throwback to when I was pregnant with Brayden! #holypreggobatman
Blazer jacket- LC Collection
love this shirt.. I know you can't see much of it but it is a staple in my wardrobe! 
My most recent purchase.. Jeggins and shirt.

Someone wanted in on the photo shoot fun!
Photo bombed!!!!
The prices of her line aren't terrible since Kohl's always has some sort of sale or coupon you can use toward your purchase.  Hoping we don't get a 30% off coupon.... I may have to check out her latest collection ;)
What designer takes up your closet? 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It is Possible...I Changed My Lifestyle

Since I started my fitness journey back in April (April 20th to be exact) of this past year, I've had quite a few people ask me, "Why are you dieting?  You look fine the way you are!"

Thank you so much for the compliment- you definitely put a smile on my face :) but I wasn't feeling "fine" about myself. 
 It was April 18th when I tried fitting into my favorite mint capris (actually pictured above) and they were not closing... I tried dancing my way into them, even laying on the bed to try and button them- they were not closing...


That was my breaking point.
I did not want to spend anymore money on new/larger clothing.  I had 10 pounds to get back to my pre-baby weight and I knew I had to do something.

My Something
My co-worker and dear friend told me she's been working out to a 25 minute program called, "T25" by Shaun T.   This appealed to me in two ways: 
First, the workouts are only 25 minutes each and I could do them right in my own home. (Who has time for the gym?  Not this mama!!)
Plus, I was familiar with his "Insanity" workouts and knew first hand, he can KICK MY BUTT!   She let me borrow them for a few weeks and BOOM, I was HOOKED!!  

Sophia likes joining in on my workouts! Tiara, dress and all! 
After 10 weeks of T25, I also started the clean eating, portion control and nutrition program created by 21 Day Fix inventor,  Autumn Calabrese.  Both, Andrew and I, abided by this program for 21 straight days and together, we lost a total of 18 lbs. #teamwork

The Struggle is Real:
As I was getting so close to my goal weight, I noticed if I cheated ever so slightly (I am human, by the way), the pounds would pile right back on.  It would almost take me a full week to recover from a "cheat." Yes, moderation is key, but I did struggle; especially in the summer when you're invited to 100 BBQ's, go on vacation, take family camping trips #ilovecampingnoglamping, and eat ice cream like it's an additional food group.
Then, I came across the secret weapon!!  
How was I able to maintain my progress and continue to lose weight?
I, too, was extremely skeptical of this shake.  Yes, the price of it is SHOCKING.  I did NOT want to spend $130 on a monthly supply of some "shake".  However, this superfood health shake (NOT A PROTEIN SHAKE.. I repeat, NOT a protein shake.. two totally different things.. It's like comparing a Louis Vuitton bag to a $20 knockoff in Marshalls.) 
I drink Shakeology as a meal replacement, every day, and I am now at a weight I haven't seen in YEARS #allbecauseofShakeo
Sharing My Story
Because I am proof these programs work and are effective, I want to share it with everyone!!  I am that type of person-if I experience something amazing, I want the whole world to know that it is simply, "AAAAMAZINNGGG!"

I decided to become a health and fitness coach (yes, I'm crazy because not being a full-time teacher, mommy, wife,  blogger, and makeup presenter isn't enough)  but I really wanted to share my story, knowing I could change the lives of those who need to get out of their "rut" and just feel confident in themselves again. #becauseyoudeserveit

Because of the 21 Day Fix, I feel confident I can wear a two piece bathing suit.
(After two rounds of 21 Day Fix)
First picture was taken late April 2015 and second picture taken mid September 2015.
So, here I am.. telling you:
It IS possible to get back to your "pre" baby weight!  
It IS possible to put your health and fitness needs first (because if you don't, how are you going to take care of your family?)  
It IS possible to look and feel fabulous!   
It IS possible to be fit and happy!
It IS possible to live a healthy lifestyle!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Delicious Chicken Salad Recipe

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Recipe: 
I've had quite a few requests for the recipe of the chicken salad picture I recently posted.    I wish I can say I was creative enough to think of this on my own- but I'm Although I tweaked this a bit, the recipe came from my new favorite cookbook, Fixate.

This is a two step recipe but trust me, it's totally worth it and it is not that time consuming.

First- Make Honey Mustard dressing.

Honey Mustard Dressing:
  • 1/2 cup plain or reduced fat (2%) plain Greek Yogurt
  • 3 Tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 3 Tbsp honey
  • 3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar
  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Do This:
1. Combine yogurt, mustard, honey, and vinegar in a medium bowl; mix well.
2. Slowly add oil, whisking constantly until well blended.

21 Day Fix container equivalent: 1 orange

Creamy Chicken Salad:

You Need:
  • 3 cups of chopped, rotisserie chicken breast, boneless and skinless
  • 1/2 cup chopped green apples
  • 1/2 cup seedless red grapes, cut in half
  • 1/4 cup of honey mustard dressing
Do This:
1. Combine chicken, apple, grapes, and Honey Mustard Salad dressing in a large bowl; mix well. Refrigerate, covered, for two hours.
2. Serve 1 1/4 cups Creamy Chicken Salad salad over salad, in pita bread or whole wheat wrap.

Yummy Add-ins:
Fresh tarragon

21 Day Fix container equivalent: 1/2 purple, 1 red, 1/2 orange (plus your yellow)

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.. I had it over salad, by itself and in a pita.. Sophia loved it on her crackers, too.  I can't wait to make it again!!!