21 Day Fix {Before Pictures}

I took about 100 before pictures and I ended up with these.
Don’t mind Lincoln catching up on some Zzzs #adogslife.
These before pictures were taken on 7/5/15.



Yes, you are seeing stretch marks #mommybattlewounds
I found this helpful printable via Pinterest where I recorded all my before measurements.  You an get yours here.
I’m on day 3 of the 21df workout + eating plan.  I’m down 3 lbs and feeling a little sore!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, (read it here) I’m a huge fan of Shaun T’s high intensity, T25, so this is a bit different for me.  But, change is good, right?  After my 21df journey, I hope to get into his new dance workout, “Cize” or even Insanity Max:30!
How do you keep in shape?   Do you workout from home, head to the gym, or maybe take daily walks?  I’d love to hear how you busy mamas like to work-on your fitness!  Chasing after your kids certainly counts 😉


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