Memories {Gone fishin’}

I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed I was quite the Tomboy growing up.  Living on a farm and being around 18 wheelers since the day you were born would do the trick!  I wouldn’t change riding my dirt bike and ATV for hours at a time, getting all decked out in camo to go hunting with my dad (never shot anything.. I was more of his ‘sidekick’), or helping him roll up the water hose #troncillitowater after filling a pool. 

One of my favorite memories- fishing. Whether it was fishing with my Dad in the ponds close to our home or getting up at 5:00 AM to go with my Poppy- I always enjoyed casting the rod and watching for the dobber to go under.  I must admit, 9 times out of 10, I wouldn’t put the worm on the hook or get the fish off the hook- I left that for the men… That’s just plain EW…lol  

Last night, Sophia had her first fishing expedition with my dad (her Poppy) and Poppy (Big Pop).. I couldn’t stop smiling- the excitement of my dad casting her line for her was contagious. Her focus while reeling the lure in was impressive and watching my Dad with her brought me back to my favorite tomboy memories.  
Sophia, I hope you have many more memories like this- I know you will cherish them as well as those who helped make them memorable. #thankyoudaddy.
Getting ready!
Out it goes! 
Teaching her to crank her lure in
Big girl doing it all by herself!
Her FIRST fish!!!
Checkin’ it out
Her second fish- HUGE Bass with Big Pop
On our way home after our first successful fishing trip!

*No fish were harmed during our fishing trip.. They were put back in the water.. #justkeepswimming

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