Let’s Celebrate those Moments!

Happy Wednesday!!!
I’m busting at the seams with positive and exciting news for our family. I need to share these random “happy thoughts” because as a mommy, I’m a firm believe that every little thing should to be celebrated or acknowledged! 

1. Sophia’s tummy is FINALLY back to normal!!  What I mean by that- her stomach is no longer distended because of her celiac disease.  It’s taken four months for her little belly button to go back to being an “inny”.  I tell her every night that her belly looks so much better and cover it with kisses! 
2. Brayden’s been going to sleep in his crib without much fuss and sleeping through the night!!  This has only been a few days but I am so relieved.  We were going on three months of him waking up/not wanting to sleep in his crib/driving me crazzzzy!  Love you Brady Boo!!

3.  We hope to be in Disney World in 10 days!!! (Just as long as we don’t get some freak snow storm and use another snow day…#teacherlife.) Sophia’s wish of “I want to go to the Castle” will finally come true!!  We had to postpone our trip this past winter because she was in the hospital.
My spur-of-the-moment Disney World countdown for Sophia and Brayden.
Each day Sophia/B will remove a Mickey 🙂
4. The best part about going to Disney and making unforgettable memories is that my parents and sister will be joining us, too!!!  I am honestly soooo excited about this!!  They are long overdue for a vacation and I can’t wait to see their faces as Sophia and Brayden light-up with all the Disney magic.. I.can’t.wait!!!! 

5. Your turn!!  As I said earlier, I believe anything from your little one’s first word, went pee-pee on potty or even that you survived the day should be celebrated; it will certainly put a smile on your face.  What is making you beam?  I’d love to hear it!


  • Veronica Lee

    Your munchkins are adorable!
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  • Monica Atkins

    Congratulations on the tummy returning to normal. I love the Disney countdown, that is adorable.

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