• Mamahood

    Monday Message

    Happy Monday!! Yesterday was my father’s surprise 60th birthday party and my dear friend(who happens to be Brayden’s god-mommy), Lisa, captured this moment. It is one of my favorite photos from the party.…

  • Mamahood

    All Aboard!

    I was in second grade.  I saw the maroon colored book sticking out from the bookshelf.   The Polar Express.   I took the book out of my school library at least a…

  • Mamahood

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    From our family to yours,  Happy Thanksgiving,  Mamas!!!!!    Remember, there is always something to be grateful for…  Count your blessings.  Be Thankful.  Grateful*Thankful*Blessed Have a memorable Thanksgiving!  Photos by Katie Lewin Photography

  • Gluten Free

    Halloween Treats for EVERYONE!

    Trick-or-Treat!  Although Sophia is full of smiles, she knows she can’t eat most of this candy she earned while trick-or-treating last weekend during our camping trip.    Sophia and other children who have…

  • Mamahood

    Glamping… Camping..

    Glamping… Camping…Whatever you call it, the Nikola Clan absolutely loves it!!! We spent the weekend in one of our favorites places, Lake George.  There were a bunch of our family and friends at…

  • Mamahood

    Picture Perfect Day

    Yesterday was the absolute picture perfect day!  The Hubs made plans with my cousin’s hubby to meet at Benmarl Winery (local winery..about 5 mins away) for its annual Grape Stomping festival.. The best…