Our potty training advice

Potty Training.

Much easier said than done.

In my opinion, potty training has been the MOST challenging part of being a mommy.

Tears, frustration, stickers, M&Ms and laundry.. soo much laundry…are all part of our training..

Now that I just completed scared my mamas who have to potty train their babes in the future, I want to give you some advice…Advice that’s helping us through this learning experience for everyone..  I hope it will help you when “it’s time” for your little one to start.

10. Boot camp method/”3 Day Potty Training Method” does NOT mean your child will be COMPLETELY potty trained in three days.  A mommy friend of mine shared the ebook, “3 Day Potty Training” with me.  I read it and studied it like I was taking a final to graduate from college..I was excited because I really and truly believed Sophia was going to be COMPLETELY potty trained in 3 days.. (Yes, how naive am I?).   Well.. truth be told, Sophia had an accident today and we started training over a month ago.

9. Accidents are O.K.- It took me a while to get this through my head.  Accidents do happen and they WILL happen.  Just always have a change of clothes with you where ever you go..

8. You will become frustrated and may even cry- but remember, it WILL be ok… Crying it out will make you feel better 😉

7. Regression is going to happen- Sophia regressed for a few days after she started going back to daycare.  Keep in mind any routine/life change may trigger a regression.  Sophia worked through hers in about 4 days..

6. Remid yourself, their just babies-  I had to keep reminding myself, “She’s only 2 and what grown adult do you know who isn’t potty trained?”  LOL..

5. Double sheet your child’s mattress– Put a waterproof mattress protector under the fitted sheet.. Then put another mattress protector and fitted sheet over that one.  If your child wets the bed, all you have to do it take off the first set of sheets then go back to bed.. But….

4. Pull-ups are okay for bedtime.. Sophia wakes up dry most days but may have an accident here and there.  Accidents are usually because she had a drink right before she went to bed.

3. Going “number 2” is difficult for some children… I’ve been told it’s “normal” for kids to not go because they are scared.. Sophia held it in for four days at one point.. I was ready to give her some stool softener to help her go.. She is getting better at it.. Honestly, I’d rather clean up a number 2 mess than a number 1.

Trying to go number two while having a snack..lol

2.  It’s a learning experience– I say this because I had a few mamas mention that maybe Sophia wasn’t ready to be trained after hearing what I was going through..  After going through with it, I don’t think she was 100% ready.. But once you start, you can’t stop… What did I learn from this?  I’m waiting until Brayden says he’s ready to dump the diaper.. I just hope he’s not 4 or 5 because that’s a problem..lol

1. It’s not about “YOU”- This is the most important piece of advice I want to share..   I’d catch myself saying, “I just want her to be trained… I don’t want to change anymore of her diapers… I want her to use the toilet..”  I have to remember that this is about her and that she’s in control.. I just have to sit back and ride it out with my little princess <3


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