Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sophia & Brayden {Differences in Pregnancy}

Recently, I've had a few of my girlfriends ask how my pregnancy with Sophia was different than Brayden's.  Of course there was some similarities but there were also a ton of differences.  At times, I almost wished I didn't know what pregnancy "felt" like because I felt so different- Cue in the anxiety!
Here's my list of differences while being pregnant with Brayden. Some may be TMI- just cover your ears ;)

  • I broke out (pimples) like crazy within the first few weeks of being pregnant- I felt like a middle schooler.
  • {TMI Warning} I had to wear a panty liner starting in the first trimester and continue to wear one throughout my entire pregnancy.
  • I gained more weight; three pounds to be exact.
  • I carried differently, more basketball-ish.
  • Craved: KFC and Frosted Flakes with B, Pizza Town (local pizzeria) pizza and mozz. salad with ranch dressing with Sophia.
  • Emotional Roller coaster-I did have my moments, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the first time around.
  • Had no back pain (I did go to a chiropractor every other week which I believe helped so much.. Highly recommend seeing one if you have any back discomfort.  Dr. Gabriels is a-maaazing! 
  • {TMI Warning} My water broke/gushed with Brayden. With Sophia, it leaked.
  • I was pooped/exhausted and so uncomfortable in the third trimester.
  • I felt more Braxton Hicks.
  • I couldn't handle the smell or taste of Chinese food.
  • Super easy delivery (read all about that here).
  • My Swag/pregnancy waddle started way earlier.
  • Brayden came 13 days earlier than his expected due date (Sophia was 8 days early).
I think those are just about all of the major differences.. Would you say your pregnancies were more similar or polar opposite?

38 Weeks with Sophia
38 Weeks with Brayden

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