Exciting Announcement {Sparkling Opportunity for Me}

As you may have noticed, I have quite a few interests that I like to explore which is one of the reasons why I created this blog.  As part of turning 30, I wanted to take my love for the beauty industry to another level and venture into something fun and exciting.  I am excited to announce that I am now a “Makeup Presenter” for the company, Younique.  Younique specializes in “high-quality, mineral and naturally based cosmetics, avoiding harmful ingredients and cheap fillers and is cruelty-free.” <- I love everything about that sentence!

What makes Younique different than other direct sales company is that it markets and sells almost exclusively through the use of social media.  What that means is that you don’t have to invite all your friends to your home to have a “home show.”  Instead, you can hold an “Online Virtual Party” via Facebook,  where you can earn free products in your jammies.  This aspect of the company is what made me want to try it.  It allows me to work from home, get paid as soon as a purchase is made, choose my own hours, and dictate the time and effort I want to put into my business, on my own terms. With two little ones, I thought this opportunity was too good to pass up! 

I received my training kit worth of $406 for only $99 and take a look at all the FUN!!  I couldn’t wait to “play” and I finally did on Friday night at 11:00 pm..  Check it out!!

The product that Younique is known for is its “Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.”  These two tubes take your lashes to a whole new level.  Check out my video and you’ll see why 🙂 (I give you permission to giggle.)

If you want to follow me along on this journey please:
1.  Like my Younique Page, Heather’s Younique Diamond Beauty Cosmetics.   I will be posting product information, beauty tips and tricks and links to shop my parties as well as offer and show you the business opportunity of a lifetime!  
2. Follow me on Instagram @ DiamondBeautybyYounique

If you are interesting in having a virtual online party where you can earn FREE Younique products, message me on FB @ Heather Nikola and we will set it up!  Who wants FREE mascara, eye pigments, blush, brushes, moisturizing cream?!

If you think you’d like to join me in this new venture to make a little extra income for yourself or to just play with makeup all day, please let me know!  It’s the perfect time to become a Presenter because their aren’t that many of us!  We are a fairly new company and we are only going to continue to grow!!   All you need is a FB account and a computer/smartphone/tablet!  We can take beauty to a whole new level 🙂

I am sooo excited about this venture!!  Did you notice my “Diamond” accents? 😉

I’m thinking my 30’s are going to Sparkle*

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