Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 Summer "To Do" List

Although we are well on our way into Summer, I finally created our "2014 Summer Bucket To Do" List. (Andrew said "Bucket List" is too negative, so I changed it for him ;).  Here is the list of things I want to accomplish this summer: 
Participate in a race
Take a trip to Sesame Place- Check!
Visit at least two local historical locations
Trip to Lake George
Host a Seafood Fest
Have our friends come over and enjoy our pool- Check! (with more to come)
Attend a local Sangria Festival
Make S'mores
Take more pictures of Sophia and Brayden
Read a book
Potty-train Sophia (haaaaaa...any suggestions?)
Continue to make lasting memories as a family <3

  • Brayden, Sophia, and Jake enjoying our pool

Have you started checking off items on your "To Do" list?

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