Welcome Brayden Vincent

He’s here!!!
Since I have some free time here and there (in between naps,) I can share with you all about the latest diamond to have joined our family, Brayden Vincent <3
Brayden Vincent decided to join us a bit early (13 days to be exact) and was born on April 28th (my brother’s birthday), 4:11 AM, weighing 7 lbs 11 oz, and 20.5 inches long. 

Here’s how it happened (without TMI):
Just to start off, Brayden’s labor and delivery was TOTALLY different than Sophia’s.  Brayden’s was much quicker and easier than Sophia’s.
On Sunday, April 27th, my mom threw a surprise baby shower with a few of my close girlfriends and family- it was wonderful.  We went home that night and Sophia was quite the “toddler.”  She didn’t want to pick up her toys.  Instead of arguing with her, I started to pick them up.  Just as I picked up the plastic pizza slice, I felt a “POP.” It was like my pants split.  I was wearing leggings so I thought that couldn’t have happened.  I rushed into the bathroom.. my water was breaking… It wouldn’t stop!!  (maybe a little TMI there- sorry.)
Andrew was on the other side of the house and could not hear me yelling for him.  Sophia came to my rescue but was scared because she heard me calling for Andrew.  She gave me my cell phone and I tried calling the house phone in which Andrew did not pick up.  Finally, I was able to leave the bathroom (towels in between my legs- TMI again..sorry) and yell to him that my water broke while he was painting the ceiling in Sophia’s bathroom.  
His reaction, “ohh.. oh boy.”  

What I didn’t mention is that our house was a COMPLETE disaster! Brayden’s nursery wasn’t even a nursery.  All his furniture and decor was out of his room and all our picture frames in our living room were off the walls because we hired someone to fix cracks in our ceiling that weekend.  Great timing, I know.
Andrew stopped what he was doing and started putting “B’s” furniture into his room (so I wouldn’t have a nervous breakdown when we got home from hospital) and got the house somewhat in order.. I’ve never seen him move so quickly and I truly appreciate that he did that <3
I called my mom and asked her to help me get things together. I had my bag packed along with “B’s” stuff- just had to get Andrew things together. By the time she came over, we already had Sophia in bed, thank goodness! 
Then I called the doctor and she gave me two options: come to hospital now or wait it out a bit at home. I decided to head to the hospital earlier because I didn’t feel as much movement that day so I wanted to make sure “B” was ok.  Also, I didn’t want to miss my opportunity to get an epidural.. My doctor told me that your second/third baby comes much more quickly, so I didn’t want to miss my window of opportunity.
Ohh… I didn’t have any contractions as of yet. I started having faint contractions while on our way to the hospital..About two hours after my water broke.
Andrew jumped in the shower (my mom wasn’t too happy about this.. I just laughed..lol) and then we were on our way.  We stopped at our local Stewarts to get drinks and snacks- always need to be prepared with snacks.

Then we arrived…
We spent about two hours in triage.  I felt like Rachel in the episode of Friends where she’s in labor and has all these hilarious encounters with people in triage.  Andrew and I had a few LOL moments.
Selfies in triage!
After finally being admitted, we went to the Labor and Delivery room where my doctor recommended to get an epidural sooner rather than later because the anesthesiologist was going to be busy for the next two hours.  I got my epidural and slept for about an hour.
Then I had the “urge” to go to the bathroom- I did not have this experience with Sophia; I just had pain.  With Brayden’s delivery, I had the “urge” and pressure, no pain.. just discomfort.  
I called my nurse and started freaking out a bit.  I told her I felt like I had to go to the bathroom but I’m afraid the baby will come out!!   (I’m shaking my head and laughing while writing this.)  She suggested to try and push when I have the “urge” and see what happens.
So, I pushed. She stopped me to get the doctor and 1 and 1/2 pushes later, Brayden was born!

His delivery was CAKE compared to Sophia’s.  I said I’d do it all over again if every delivery was like his.  By the time my water broke to when he was born, the whole process took nine hours.

Sophia adores Brayden!  She had this memorizing look on her face when she first saw him- she still has it when she looks at him.. It melts my heart..

Brayden is just about 4 weeks old now and is doing great! 


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