The perfect gift!

Why hello everyone!!  Do you remember me?!   🙂
I need to share with you all a little epiphany I had over the last few days which resulted in the most perfect gift idea for any one-three year old child.
Are you ready?!
A Doctor’s Kit/Bag!!!!!
My reasoning?
We took Sophia to her 18 month appointment this week and my lord… the child was not feeling it.  Screaming and crying while being weighed which is soooo not like her.  The nurse said it’s “the age” but she was pulling a total 360 from the last time she was there.
After talking to her doctor, she said it’s not a bad idea to buy her a play doctor’s kit so she can become familiar with some of the tools that are used in the office.   So when it’s time to listen to her heartbeat, she won’t freak out when the stethoscope is touching her chest.  Her doctor also mentioned that the Disney Junior show, Doc McStuffins has “saved her” because the show helps children understand that going to the doctor is a good thing helps relieve the anxiety of seeing a doctor.
As I was taking this all in, I was in awe because
A- She is so right
B- A doctor’s bag is a brilliant gift idea!!
So, Sophia will receive a Doctor’s Bag/Kit as a Christmas gift this year and some of her friends will receive one for their upcoming birthdays!!
* If you search on Amazon, there are multiple doctor kits available to purchase, starting at the recommended age of two. 
Now isn’t that a perfect gift idea?


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    Well this would actually be a perfect gift for my kids. They always wanted something like this. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Kathy

    Two years ago my son spent 4 nights in hospital with asthma related problems. Thanks to the Doctors kit he had recieved as a present a few weeks before he wasn't frightened at all. It really is a brilliant gift for a child around 1 to 4 years.

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