Mom + Wife + Teacher + Blogger {not enough time in a day}

This past week was my first time back to work as a full-time, middle school special education teacher, in over a year.
Last year, I was offered a part-time teaching position in the school I fulfilled a leave replacement the prior year, while I was pregnant with Sophia.  I was ecstatic to be offered such a wonderful opportunity and it was a great transition from just having Sophia.
This past summer I was offered a full-time position in the same building.  Even though I enjoyed being part-time, I was ready for the full-time position.
With that being said, Born to Wear Diamonds is going to take the backseat for a while.  I hope to become a “Super Mom” and be able to juggle being a mom, wife, teacher, and blogger but it will take some time to figure out how to do it all, to say the least.. ha!  I need 10 more hours in a day!!   It makes me sad that I can’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to because I absolutely love this new blogging venture I started back in January.  I appreciate all the emails and support I’ve received from all my readers. I heart you all <3
I will try to post at least once to twice a week, but that is subject to change.  I can say I do have some exciting posts in the works that I know you’ll really enjoy 🙂
In the meantime, please feel free to continue to email me or leave comments/mommy questions or requests.  I will still be posting on the BTWD Facebook page and Instagram.

We’ll be back, real soon- Promise 😉

                            Feel free to share how you balance everything- I need some pointers!!!

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