Latest Food Craze {Greek Yogurt Pancakes}

Have you tried the latest health food craze, Greek Yogurt?  “Greek Yogurt has double the protein of most yogurts.. an 8-ounce cup has as much as a 3-ounce chicken cutlet!”
I see my friends on Facebook and Instagram post delicious looking pictures of food, like a mouth watering cheeseburger, using greek yogurt as an ingredient!
Burger + Yogurt?!
I won’t go to that extreme just yet, but I decided to play it safe and start with something basic- pancakes, Greek Yogurt Pancakes!

They were delish; super moist and fluffy!!  We give them two thumbs up!
Greek Yogurt Pancakes
Makes 16 Med. Size Pancakes
2 Weight Watchers Points per-cake

You Need:
1 C Milk
1 C Greek Yogurt (I used Chobani Low-Fat Vanilla)
2 Eggs
2 C Flour ( I used 1 C of wheat and 1 C of white)
2 TB Sugar
2 tsp Baking Soda
Fresh Fruit if Desired

Whisk the milk, greek yogurt, and eggs together.
Mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.  Then combine the dry ingredients to the egg mixture and whisk.
Your batter will be thick and lumpy-lumps are good 🙂

Set your heat to medium on your griddle/stove and spray with cooking spray.
Drop 1/4 C of pancake batter onto hot griddle. *The batter is very thick and will not spread far.  You need to spread it as your pouring on the griddle*
Cook until pancakes bubble- 2ish minutes.
Flip and cook for another 2ish minutes or until they turn light brown.

Because Sophia and the hubs went gaga over these pancakes, I’m going to continue my cooking venturing using my new secret ingredient, greek yogurt.  I created a board on Pinterest (here) dedicated to just greek yogurt recipes.  

Do you have any greek yogurt recipes you’d like to share?  I’d love to try them!!

Take a look at this greek yogurt conversation chart- So helpful and healthy, too!!!

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