DIY Bookcase Inserts {$5.00 Bookcase gets a Facelift!)

I am so excited to finally reveal my first ever furniture painting project!
 I found this bookcase at a garage sale for a whopping $5.00.  I didn’t know what to do with it but the thought of it only being $5.00 made it mine!
I did some research via Pinterest and I found the idea to insert fabric backings to
“liven it up” a bit.
I wasn’t impressed. 
 I love the fabric but the bookcase needed something more.  
That’s when I decided to buy some paint and hope for the best!

Isn’t she prettty?!?!?!?!  
I love how the paint color and the fabric just go hand-in-hand!   This combination makes it so fun and chic!
Here’s what I did to transform my diamond in the rough:
Supplies For Fabric Inserts:
One Project Display Board 
At least one yard of fabric (I had 1.5 yards- I like to have more than enough)
Fabric Scissors
Tape Measure
Laser Pointer (optional)
X-Acto-knif or Box Cutter
Step One: Measure the openings of your bookcase so you know what size to make your inserts.
My shelf openings measured  7-3/4″, 11-1/4″, and 7-3/4″ by 27-3/4″
Step Two: Cut the project board into the measurements of your shelf openings
Step Three: After you cut-out your cardboard inserts, lay the inserts onto your fabric and cut, leaving at least 1/2 inch border around the insert.  
Step Four: Tape your fabric to the insert- like a present 😉
After you have your inserts wrapped, slide them into your openings of your bookcase and Wah-lah!  You have your inserts.
Here’s are the steps for painting the bookcase:
Sanding paper/sand sponge
One quart of paint + primer in one (depending on the size of the bookcase)
One paint tray
Small paint brush roller
Small synthetic paint brush

Step One: Since the bookcase is a smooth wooden laminate, it needed to be sanded down so the paint can stick. 
(I sanded it down so it looks like this on all wooden laminate surfaces of the bookcase and shelves, but I recommend sanding it down more.)
Step Two: Paint bookcase and shelves. (I applied three coats, waiting for the paint to dry, each time)
Step Three: Once you are happy with the paint color and it’s dry, insert your shelves carefully.
 *Be careful not to slide them in- they will scratch the paint.
Step Four: Slide fabric Inserts into the bookcase
Step Five: Decorate 🙂
Although I love the new “look” the paint seems like it will chip off easily.  I’m thinking maybe I needed to sand the laminate down more.  I’ll keep that in mind for the next furniture painting project!
Good luck and please feel free to ask any questions!!
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