Another Check off my Summer Bucket List {Sunday Funday}

This past weekend I was kinda able to check another event off my “Summer Bucket List”
 (see list here).
I’m substituting a Sangria Festival for Wine Tasting- I think that’s close enough, right?

Yesterday we had a great day picnicking with family and friends at a local winery.  For the past few summers, Benmarl Winery has held its Sangria Festival- a weekend long event.  Twenty dollars admission includes a souvenir wine glass, vineyard and cellar tours, live music, dancers (Sophia loved them and they loved her) and samples of fresh sangria and wines. 
Andrew and I loved the Tropical Sangria- it was even better mixed with the
 Peach Sangria!  
I wonder if Benmarl would be interested in my Diamond Style White Sangria
remember my recipe? 😉
Sophia’s friend Juilianna <3 
This winery has such a beautiful view 
I have a few more weeks to keep working on fulfilling my bucket list- this makes me so sad!  I love summer; I don’t want to see it go just yet.  What is your favorite season?

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