Sophia’s Famous Friend {The Toddler Room “Arrival”}

Meet Miss Jodi Bulson.
 Miss Jodi just published her first children’s book entitled, The Toddler Room “Arrival.” She is a mother to five children and owns a group family day care, “Jodi/Carol’s Playhouse.”

Would you look at that!  Sophia and Miss Jodi are friends!!!! 

 Sophia goes to Miss Jodi’s day care (hence the “Miss”)!!   
Sophia is cared for by someone famous!!  How exciting is that?!

Even though my relationship with Jodi started when Sophia began attending Jodi/Carol’s Playhouse, I was well aware of the Bulson crew, and boy are there many!  I went to school with Richele and David (two of Jodi’s five children) and Rici and I still remain friends. 
While picking up Sophia one day in the winter months, Jodi started telling me how she wrote “this children’s book” and was trying to find a company to publish it.  I mentioned that I’d love to feature her on my blog once her book is published, so I could share with all my readers this wonderful story, with the hopes I may convince a few to purchase a copy, no pressure 😉
  So this is a true honor to have the opportunity to interview someone who I’ve known “of” for many years and provides the utmost and unconditional care for our sweet baby girl.
Q) Tell us a little about The Toddler Room “Arrival.”
  A) “The Toddler Room “Arrival”: a day in the life of your child in day care, is a series of stories that show each aspect of a child’s day in day care. The first book is called “Arrival.”  I am also publishing a coloring book which is the same story in coloring book form!”

Q) Who would purchase The Toddler Room “Arrival“?
 A) “I hope that many people will want my book! Haha! Parents can purchase it to make their children and themselves more comfortable and aware of the day care process. I would like to see my books used as a teaching tool in day care programs, especially during ‘circle time.’  One day care owner told me she wants to give one out every time a new student enrolls in her program! Teaching seminars, libraries, book stores, I would love to see my books everywhere!”

Q) What inspired you to write this book?  
 A) “I’ve always wanted to write a book. (who hasn’t?) For me, since I’ve spent most of my life around children, I have five, a children’s book just made sense. The idea of The Toddler Room came about because I have found that while there are a lot of books about school, and the first day of school,  I have never seen one that depicts each facet of a child’s day. Because I have been around children so long, I feel my job is helping children learn and have fun, so when I came up with the coloring book idea I felt like it all went hand-in-hand.”

Jodi opening her book for the first time!!
“It was just like I imagined…”
How excited is she?!  I love it!!
Q) Will there be anymore? 
A) “Yes!! I’m planning for at least 12 in this series. Some are already written, some are not. I have a wonderful illustrator that is currently working on the second book that is called Free Play! I’m hoping that book and coloring book will be out by Christmas!”

Q) Are you working on another series? 
A) “Yes, I am and I am just as excited about that!! It is a series based on two brothers, inspired by my precious Grandsons!”
Q) Who is your favorite author? 
A) “I have to say my favorite author has to be my brother, Scott Lobdell.  He is currently writing Superman for DC Comics.  Even though, I’ve never read his stuff….don’t tell him that!”

Q) Where can someone purchase a copy of The Toddler Room? 
A) “I’m glad you asked that! My publishing company told me it is available all across the country, actually the world via the internet. You can imagine how exciting that is to hear!! ABBOTT PRESS is my publishing company and they are available there, Also, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Locally, people can purchase directly from me!”

Page from her book!
Another page
Q) How will people” know” about your book? 
 A)”Well, Abbott Press is currently writing a press release for me and sending it out to media outlets across the country….that’s a biggie! As for myself, I have arranged for a few signings locally such as: day cares, a bakery, and a bounce house place in a mall. I am on Facebook as The Toddler Room so check that for dates, tips and pictures! My big event is a Book Launch!”

Q) What is a Book Launch? 
A) “Book Launch is basically a party FOR me given BY me!! It will be Friday, August 16th from 5pm-8pm at DuBois Farms in Highland, N.Y.  People can come to purchase my book or books, get them signed, and we can chat! I will have my family as helpers and there will be food, treats and give-a-ways! I have a lot of fun surprises planned!
The Nikola family is beyond excited for Miss Jodi as she starts this new venture.  We wish her the very best with The Toddler Room and her future publications!
You can be sure to see us at the launch party on August 16th, with pictures to follow, of course!
Click (here) for more information on the launch party!
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