Mission Accomplished {Slimming Swimwear}

Yesterday, I went out on a mission to buy two swimsuits to take on vacation.  I had two gift cards ready to spend and I wanted to invest in one piece suits.

I hit up jcpenny and my mission was accomplished!

I purchased two Liz Claiborne swimsuits. 

I know what you’re thinking.  “Liz Claiborne?  Isn’t that for old people?” Ha!

Yes, I thought the same.  But, after seeing the latest trends in swimsuits, LC is on top of it!  So, I picked up a few sizes/styles and ended up with these two beauties!

The blue suit is my favorite- I love this pinup look! The sweetheart neck makes it look so feminine and the front “shirring” is so flattering!  The color pops and it definitely screams summer lovin’!
I have a love/hate relationship with the color red.   Whatever it is- shirt, dress, bathing suit, I think it will look nice once I try it on.  Once it’s on, Ugh..looks terrible!

  But, this suit was an exception!  After putting it on, I noticed how much I loved the deep v-neckline and I thought I could pull this “red” off.  That only meant one thing- It’s in the bag!!

These two suits are also slimming.  The shirring on the front takes the attention away from the “not so slimmed” areas.  Ruching also does the trick as well!

What do you prefer, one or two piece suits?

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