One Check off my “Summer Bucket List” {Anniversary Picnic}

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday by completing one of my “Summer Bucket List” activities (you can read about them here), we had our picnic at Vanderbilt Mansion!!
All morning I was checking to see when the rain was going to start.  It said after 4:00pm. 
Great!! That means we can have our picnic, yay!

We get to Vanderbilt around 2:00pm and what does it start to do?  RAIN!!!

But it was a passing shower, so we ended up finding a huge tree to have our picnic under.  It was perfect!  It wasn’t too hot- it was just right!

As far as anniversary gifts, Andrew surprised me with tickets to see Michael Buble’ in September!  I will have to write another blog post about the significance Michael Buble’ has in our relationship (sounds weird, but its So, I’ll save that for another time.

I was stumped on what to get Andrew this year.  We promised not to spend much, so I went the traditional route of having a beer glass engraved.  The reason why I went with a beer glass is because “glass” is a traditional third year anniversary gift, along with crystal, leather and pearls.
“You & I” is our wedding song by Michael Buble’

Any other Michael Buble’ fans out there?

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    Looks like you three had a wonderful day!

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