DIY Stinkin’ Cute Tutu Tutorial {My First Tutorial..OMG}

By popular demand, I decided to create a 
“DIY Stinkin’ Cute Tutu Tutorial!”  

Although I was super nervous filming this (you’ll see some bloopers, ex- “Paper towel holder” was supposed to be “roll of paper towels”  LOL), I manged to get through it.  I hope it does its purpose. If not, please tell me!!  I want you to be able to feel as if you can make a tutu right after you watch my video!!

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or any feedback.  

I included a “suggested sizes” tutu size chart below.  These are suggested sizes, not exact*

0-6 Months: 
Skirt Length- 8″
Waist- 10-13″
6-12 Months:
Skirt Length- 9″
Waist- 14-16″
12-24 Months:
Skirt Length- 11″
Waist- 16-18″

Round Brilliant:
2-3 Toddler:
Skirt Length- 13″
Waist- 18-20″

4-5 Toddler:
Skirt- 14″
Waist- 20-22″

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