Sweetest. Moment. Ever.

{Moments to Cherish}
It happened on Thursday.
When I walked into Sophia’s daycare to pick her up, she saw me and squealed with delight! Her daycare providers, another mommy and I couldn’t help but laugh at her excitement. 
She then walked (yes, she’s now walking!!) over to me while using her arms to help keep balance. Don’t babies look so cute when they are first start to walk?!

I was crouched down with my arms opened when she ran into them.   I picked her up, hugged her and received a hug in-return! She started  hugging this week, too.
After our moment of hugginess, I went to give her a kiss.
But, then she grabbed my face with both hands, pressed her lips upon mine, then smacked her lips to make a “smooch” sound.
She just gave me a kiss!  Oh.my.god!
Holding back the tears- I hugged her again and told her how much I loved her.
Words can not express the whirlwind emotions I felt during this moment that I will now cherish forever.  Thinking about it still brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart smile. 
Moments like this is what being a mom is all about.  Moments that will make you smile, make you cry, make you want to pull your hair out, make you think “what the heck am I doing?” and make you say,”I’ll do it 1,000 times over again in a heartbeat.”

I want to wish all you mamas, mamas-to-be, and the mamas at heart a very special Mother’s Day.

I hope it’s one of your most sweetest moments that you will cherish, forever.

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