Finally, the Girls Meet!! {Gia+Sophia}

Andrew and Kurt, 2001

Even though it’s not Thursday, I’m throwing it back to when my husband, Andrew, and his best friend, Kurt, were in college.   Check them out cheezin‘ back in 2001.

Andrew and Kurt were roommates when they attended Siena College back in the early 2000s.  They were bff even though Andrew is a die-hard Yankee fan and Kurt is a Redsox fan. They  were quite the popular duo among the Siena community.

Fast forward to 2006:

     Kurt with his girlfriend, Vincenza, and Andrew and I attending a wedding upstate (this was before I knew wearing anything close to white was a huge, “no-no”.. ughh.. live and learn!)                      


Vincenza and Kurt get married on Sept. 26th at a beautiful ski resort in VT.
Andrew is Kurt’s bestman


Andrew and I get married on June 26th

Kurt is one of Andrew’s bestmen

Fast forward to 2012:

Kurt and Vincenza welcome their daughter, GiaBella Grace on April 4th

Andrew and I welcome Sophia Renée on April 10th

I find it so unbelievable that Andrew and Kurt have gone through the major milestones in life together!  How exciting to be married within a year of your best friend, and then have your first child born within a week of one another?  When I asked Andrew, he said “It’s great!”  I’m sure Kurt would agree.

So, our girls just had their first birthday parties in April and due to our crazy schedules, we couldn’t attend Gia’s party and the VTers couldn’t come to Sophia’s.

But, we had a pleasant surprised yesterday when Kurt, Vincenza, and GiaBella made a quick stop at our home while on their way to visit a family friend in NJ.

Finally, our little girls meet!

How stinkin’ cute is she?!

Sophia checking out Gia’s dandelion

I just love those cheeks!

Breaking out the bubble mower!

Thinkin’ she might want to try it out!

There she goes!

Sharing the birthday balloons

Sophia got great musical instruments from Gia for her birthday!

Having some girl talk

I’ll be sure to save this and show them when they’re 21 :)

We plan to make a trip to VT this summer so the girls can spend more time with each other. It was so much fun to see them play together. 
There’s no better feeling watching your child interact with another child who happens to be the daughter of such dear friends.  

These two girls are going to have such great memories growing up.  I have a feeling when they are together, they are going to keep us on our toes   <3  

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